Saturday, July 23, 2011

The CT scan results

Hello lovelies! Again, thank you for all your warm wishes.  I really, really needed them.  And for the doctors and nurses who read this blog (KID MD and Vanessa) I am totally interested in your opinion!  Don't hesitate to let me know.  :)

My brain is on overdrive. I took two, 2-hour naps this afternoon. The first one woke me up because I had a dream (nightmare) where I couldn't see anymore. Ugh. My brain really needs to take a holiday...

Ok, so here are some results! My bloodwork is normal. I don't know exactly all the things that were tested (vitamin B12 and thyroid were among them), and I asked for a copy of the results, but sometimes they don't send them. I will keep after them with these results since I will need them for the neurologist.

Anonymous asked if I take a lot of vitamins because it seems like I am mainly vegetarian, and too much of some B vitamins can lead to neuropathy, just like too little B12 can lead to it too.  The answer is I take a basic one-a-day multivitamin, Fisol fish oil capsules (they are small and easy to swallow) and vitamin D.  I had fallen off the wagon taking the supplements but am back on that wagon. 

I never heard back from the surgeon about the CT scan results. I went to the imaging facility on Friday evening to pick up the CT images (for my burgeoning 'greatest hits' collection) and the receptionist said, "oh, they didn't include a copy of the report. Let me print one for you now." JACKPOT! So here you go. Basically it says I have a normal abdominal exam and a right pelvic kidney. NOTHING about a hernia!
CT scan report

So last Monday when I saw the surgeon, she said that if the CT scan is clean, she would refer me to a gastroenterologist for a scope. She also asked about the last time I saw my gyno; that will be on Monday and I will bring all reports and ask him if he has any ideas about my pain.

Here's the ultrasound report for my kidneys and bladder from 6/14/11, with the comments from the urologist (I have blurred the radiologist's name):

kidney ultrasound report 6/14/11

As for the numbness, it is back on and off, and I feel lightheaded quite frequently. My mom found a member of her family with MS; we are genetically linked through my great-grandfather. However it's also plenty hot out and I never do well in hot hot hot weather (though I am inside in a/c like 99% of the time these past few days). Here's the car thermometer yesterday at 5:30 or so pm:

yesterday around 5:30pm also has had "air quality alerts" for probably 2 months now and maybe that has something to do with it too. Perhaps not freaking out about my health would help as well, and going out and having some FUN would help too. Two neighbors have said I should relax and not do so much (one suggested that I stop reading pain books), and my boss has said I can take some personal days. I am really appreciative of my boss because he does not make me feel guilty for taking so much time away from work for so many doctor appointments.

My only appts for this week are the gyno (monday) and massage therapy (thursday). I need to cook. and tidy up some more. and do laundry.

Here's some flowers from my neighbor's garden, that he gave me on CT scan day (so nice!):
flowers from my neighbor

Princeton Farmer's mkt flowers on my desk at work Friday morning:
princeton farmer's mkt flowers 7/21/11

My poor orchids; maybe they are just going through their lifecycle. The left is my white orchid (no blooms) and the right is my purple orchid (just two blooms):
my white orchid (left, no flowers) and my purple orchid (right, 2 flowers)

Of course the day the purple one  had 14 blooms on it I didn't have my camera, and then the old blooms started falling off.
my purple orchid

Here is my largest pumpkin plant. I learned about pumpkin plant fertilization from this web site but the plant still doesn't have female flowers (and it's been two weeks since the first male flowers appeared on the scene--male flowers are blooming almost daily):
my largest pumpkin plant

I rediscovered this paper mousepad yesterday.    My new pain tracker?  Lol.
choose wisely

Be well and good night!!


  1. Well it's good to know that the tests came back with nothing wrong. Hopefully you will start to feel better soon. And the weather has been horrible lately...I've definitely been sticking to air conditioned spaces!

  2. I'm glad that everything looks good from the CT scan standpoint. I would be curious to see what your GYN says on Monday (hopefully they will schedule an ultrasound). Unfortunately, you are going one by one crossing things off the list, but are going one by one, crossing things off the list! I hope you get to the bottom of this soon!

  3. I'm glad it looks good. Maybe try and stop focusing on it. I know it's hard, but sometimes when you are hyper sensitive to something, it makes it worse. Also, when your orchid is finished blooming, be sure and cut off the stem that the blossoms were on, so that a new one will grow.

  4. Kyle, I am so sorry you have such anxiety, and pain. I have seen what chronic pain does to people, and one of the effects of pain is the anxiety, which it turn makes the pain worse. You poor kid. I feel so sorry for you. Hang in there.

  5. Sounds good but frustrating all at the same time! It would be good though to get an answer to the problems- sometimes knowing what is the underlying problem alleviates some of the anxiety and frustration! Sending good vibes your way!


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