Monday, July 18, 2011

Quick update on visit to surgeon, some flowers etc

Ok, I saw the surgeon today. On July 20 at 10:30am I will have the CT scan. I have to drink something before the test, which I will pick up tmw.

The surgeon:
*disagrees with the urologist--she said it is my kidney, she can feel it, and that's where my pain is. She actually said "I disagree with him"
*says I'm the second patient who has shown her the New York Times article and said that the article gives false hope to some people that it is a hernia
*felt the area again and said there's no way it's a hernia near my bellybutton or groin area
*said that small hernias can occur in other places, so the ct scan will show that (I think) or whatever else is going on in that area, like a fibroid.
*the area of my pain is too high to be an ovarian cyst
*said she's more comfortable with me having a ct scan than an mri
*she thinks that b/c my kidney is slightly malrotated, that when I feel pain it might be rotating further out of position.

She said if ct scan shows nothing, possibilities of next steps of action are:
*get a ultrasound of kidneys while i'm having pain to see if the kidney is rotating out or blocking the ureter
*go to a gastroenterologist for a scoping of the intestines
*do laproscopy to see what's going on in there.

I told her about all my other pain including the 2-month-old shoulder pain, back pain (that is dissipating), and the numbness and weird feeling in my left arm/leg which started last night and I am still having off and on today. She said I should go back to the PCP to report all those things. She doesn't think my other pain/numbness issues are related to the ab/pelvic pain. Back in late Feb/early March my left arm was numb and one toe on my left foot was numb, and my right ring finger was numb. My chiro worked on the arms and the weird numb feeling went away in a few days. I see him on Wednesday and hope he can help with that weird numb feeling again. I overall feel bit lightheaded and not all quite there. I went to my favorite gym class today at 4pm (I had taken a vacay day) and got through the class, but the feeling in my leg is weird. Like when I go up and down stairs, I'm not sure if I can climb them or not? weird weird weird.

Sometimes, I just feel like I'm falling apart. Am I falling apart???

I didn't do any sewing this weekend but I "helped" my dad with the new serger he bought himself (a Brother "Lock" 1034D):

Thankfully he bought cone thread the next day and threaded it again and it works FINE now.  I need to try it out with my own serger again!!

I took these pix this morning, of flowers from Thurs at the Princeton Farmer's Mkt, and a rose from my garden:
farmer's mkt flowers and a rose from my garden

and here are some daisy flowers from my mom
daisy mums from my mom

I'm off to my meditation class now!!
Be well and good night!


  1. Hoping this doctor finds your problem and is able to help you. Fingers crossed for you. I LOVE those daisies. Just beautiful.

  2. I hope all goes well. I too am having some issues, so I'm with ya sister! Be well and take care.

  3. Good luck with your medical stuff ... it's such a drag isn't it! The hardest thing is when two professionals can't decide and how it makes you feel. I hope it goes well.
    I had an mri last week .. I had on in 1994 but I forgot how noisy they are but I didn't forget the claustrophobia ... shut my eyes before I got in and did my yoga breathing for 20 mins!! It's like being inside a jackhammer.

    Take it easy.

  4. Hope the CT scan goes well and that it or an ultrasound are able to located the source of the problem. If it is the kidneys, did the surgeon say that there was something to be done? Just curious is your PCP a DO or an MD? I've had luck with DOs recently, though my favorite Dr is an MD.

    I love the bright sunny flowers. :)

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. We all have time in our lives that we feel we are falling apart;it will pass. Could your leg tingling be related to the sciatica nerves? That is what I'm going to PT for right now; while I never had the tingling I was told besides pain down your leg you can also get tingling and weakness.

    Much luck with all your tests!
    Love the daisies!

  6. I am glad to hear you have gotten some of your questions about your pain answered! Though it is frustrating that the surgeon does not agree with the urologist, at least active steps are being taken to find the issue. I wish you the best with your CT tomorrow, and I hope the tingling subsides.

  7. Look forward to updates, and hope this means a definitive diagnosis is on the way!

  8. Are you taking B vitamins? Overdoses of some B vitamins cause nerve damage and numbness. I ask because you seem more or less vegetarian and a lot of vegetarians take B vitamins. Were you taking them when you got the numbness? I forget which one causes it but it happened to me (about 20 years ago). I hope it is something simple and you get well soon.


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