Saturday, July 2, 2011

What are you looking at? Vogue 1236

A HUGE thank you to all my commenters wishing me good health and suggesting causes of my pelvic pain that I described in detail in my last post.  The article Rose in SV referred to, about hernias in women from the NY Times, sounds a LOT like what I feel.  Not 100%, but close.

I called the PCP on Friday around 11:20am and left a VM for the nurse.  Never got a call back.  Guess everyone was already out for the holiday weekend.  I am going to ask PCP if he will order either the CT scan (what the surgeon kept referring to) or the MRI (as in the NYT article) so that I have the results before seeing the surgeon on the 18th.  I'll keep you posted.  In the meantime I feel a LOT better today....and finished Vogue 1236.

I think it's too short and too tight around my hips, but I'll let you guys decide:
Vogue 1236
I cut a straight 12.  I think this wound up being more like a 10 on top, 14 on bottom (minimal SAs below the waist down to the hem!).  It has pockets.
Vogue 1236 done

Belt is like the obi sash from Simplicity 2406, but it's not as wide.  I simply didn't have enough fabric.

DVogue 1236 doneSC06826
I would have cut this longer but again, not enough fabric.  Plus on the model on the envelope, it looks long enough.  I actually cut an inch off the shoulder straps to bring up the neckline, which I thought was too low...robbing me of that precious inch from the hem, which I totally could have used.

Also the front piece of this dress curves out to the hips but then IN to the hem, instead of straight down...funky.
Vogue 1236 done
On Emma, without the sash:
Vogue 1236 done
I stitched down the pleats on the front, so it looks kinda nice, but I had BIG problems from the facing, which I cut from a different color fabric b/c I didn't have enough fabric.  BAD move.  That other color facing is like all I can see.  and that's after understitching as far as I was able to.  Also the way to connect the front to back shoulder straps is tedious to me.  I'd rather have a center back seam and sew the facings on  completely around the neck and armholes.
Vogue 1236 done

So, I think this needs some time in Mary Nanna's magic closet.

Overall the dress is a lot like Simplicity 2406, though I think I like 2406 better just because it has more coverage and less poufiness up top. and it fits better around the hips.  And I get tons of compliments on this dress every time I wear it.  I even got an unsolicitation this week from the dentist's receptionist, who grabbed the knot of the sash, and said "I love this dress!  I have to get my waist back!"
Simplicity 2406 Cynthia Rowley done?

In nature news, I bought green-eyed susans this week, and there was one black eyed susan in the bunch:
Princeton Farmer's mkt flowers 6/30/11

Momma robin and her baby have left the nest; from hatch to flight was less than a week.

I have already started BurdaStyle 7696 tonight and plan on finishing it tmw, plus a patriotic July 4 surprise!  If you want to take a guess on what it might be, please do so in the comments!

Good night and be well!


  1. I like that length on your Vogue dress and the navy one is also really cute. I had the same issue with the facing on Vogue 1236 I double under stitched it and then I hand stitched it down that seemed to fix it.

  2. I think the dress looks great at that length. About the hips being too tight, how does it feel when you sit down in it? That's the true test.

    I also love the pencil-skirted bottom half of the dress.

    I may have to make my own copy of that navy dress, it really is flattering and cute.

  3. I like it on you as is, too!

    Actually, you may just have pushed me over the edge into buying this at the first opportunity.

    (I'll just have to remember to get a soft fabric because of the pleated neckline *takes mental note*)

  4. You're too hard on yourself; The dress looks fine. It's as cute as can be on you and trust me, no one will notice said mistakes but you. Great job!

  5. Hi, I think it looks great. Not too short at all. I like dresses finishing on the knee. I notice a lot of women like the dress to finish under the knee but the proportion is all wrong IMO. I don't go the mini but on the knee is elegant.
    Hope you get to the bottom of your health issues. What a drag!

  6. I'm glad to hear you are feeling a little better! The dress is super cute— doesn't look to short to me. Like Arielle this is making me think about making this pattern. I love the pockets. How does the belt feel to wear?

  7. Cute dress! I think the length is perfect and the dress looks fabulous on you. I hope your Drs. find an answer to your pain and a fix for it. You are too young for all of that. Best wishes.

  8. I really like the length on you, actually. You have great legs!

    I hope your PCP can help you get that imaging and on the road to recovery.

  9. I hope you feel better real soon Kyle and figure out what's really going on. It doesn't sound like your doctors are really listening to you.

    Thanks for the link back and I'm so glad you got an unsolicitation! I like the vogue dress, but can understand your frustration with it. That pintucked/pleated front bodice just too cute!

  10. I Like 2406 better too- maybe only because you are smiling! 1236 is totally cute and wearable though!
    Hope you beat the not healthy crap thing soon!

  11. The length is great! Just wear some pretty undies underneath, just. in. case. ;)

  12. The dress is adorable on you! You look chic and modern, wear it and enjoy it!


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