Thursday, August 25, 2011

My beautiful brain

8/25/11 Princeton Farmers Market flowers
Princeton Farmer's Mkt flowers today

This morning the neurologist looked at my brain MRI images.  He was really excited by how clear the images are; he said the magnet at the hospital is stronger than other facilities and the images are so clear.   He said my brain is beautiful, look at the folds in my cerebellum! (My favorite flower farmer joked, "I bet he says that to all  women").  So, no MS.  The evoked potential tests were fine (look at those beautiful lines!) and so was my bloodwork (no lymes, and some other diseases were negative, and no diabetes).  I got copies of all those reports.
I told him about my angst for the evoked potential tests.  He said the tech who I didn't like for the evoked tests no longer works there.  I told him about how I hated that test and how the tech wasn't really training the other person named Jill, the tension between them, how I thought I was going to start sobbing, etc, and he said, "Oh, so you were that patient!  Jill told me about that."  Then he said that tech was a bit of a nervous nelly, and I was thinking, he was a bit of a jerk.  He said they might have been too generous with the amount of time they let him stay on the job.
He ordered an EEG of my brain, which I had this morning with a tech who was very nice, and an ultrasound of my neck (carotid artery), which will be in his office next week.  With the EEG, the tech said the test was technically perfect but the doctor will tell me the results.  Well, techs aren't supposed to talk about results. 
The neurologist said since things are getting better, come back in 4 weeks.   His first available is 7:45am in 4.5 weeks.  He didn't talk about the spinal tap or further MRIs at all.  He asked if I'm stressed, anxious, depressed, and I said I have been freaked out, stressed and depressed about this whole thing....that when I feel the weird feeling, I wonder if I'm heading toward life in a wheelchair.  He said he doesn't think so!  He said it could be stress related but let's see how it goes this next month.  He said if it's still getting better in a month, then that would be the end of me seeing him.  If it's not, then he might order more tests or medication.  He didn't mention the spinal tap or more MRIs at all.  He said he would send a letter to my PCP to let him know my brain is normal.
Last night Len asked me if I'm getting better.  I said yes.  He said, is it yes or is it wishful thinking?  I said, it's really yes.  A month ago I felt like I was going to pass out quite a lot because I was so lightheaded, I couldn't go to the gym, and the numbness was much worse.  Now I can go to the gym, I push through the weird feeling, I don't feel like I'm going to pass out.
So, let's see what another month does!  :)  And on Saturday I'm going to see an Ayurvedic practitioner.   I'm very interested in seeing what happens with that!

I have a 4 day weekend.  Yeah!  I wish y'all a flood-free weekend with this hurricane coming.  And the earthquake was the other bit of excitement around here on Tuesday.  I felt it at work in my 4th floor office--did you???


  1. Really glad all the test came back ok. And that you are feeling better! Enjoy your long weekend and stay dry :)

  2. Hi...I have never commented before but have followed your blog. I apologize if you have mentioned - but did you check for gluten sensitivity? I was reading an article yesterday and immediately thought of you based on the similar symptoms. Just a thought. Glad the tests came back ok!

  3. So glad to read good news about your tests, and to hear you are feeling better! I do hope the storm doesn't cause too much grief for you all on the East Coast, and that you have a lovely long weekend!

  4. I'm glad that everything looks good so far! I had to smile to myself when you mentioned the comment about the cerebellum, that was cute! I hope you keep getting better and better!


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