Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vogue 1247 in progress; catsitting round-up

I started Vogue 1247 today. This is probably the kind of skirt that can be done in a few hours but I only worked on it for about an hour at a time in two shifts--first to cut it out and second to do some light sewing.

It's the Rachel Comey skirt (I keep wanting to write "comfy")  that's been making it's way around the internet, but I first saw it on Carolyn's blog. I don't really need another skirt but this one has ADORABLE front pockets. Antoinette calls them magnetic (which gives me an idea for magnetic closures, though that's not what she meant!)

Vogue 1247 in progress
So that photo is just to show you that the pockets exist--I'd never carry my scissors and rotary cutter around that way!   The pockets are pretty hidden otherwise.

This skirt is insanely short; I added 9 inches to the length.  I can always chop off some of the length I added.
Vogue 1247 in progress

So far the front yoke is sewn to the front and the pockets are sewn too.

Here's the inside of the front, to give you an idea of how the pockets are sewn. It's very clever.
Vogue 1247 in progress

And here I'm just holding the front of the skirt up against me.
Vogue 1247 in progress

I also sewed the back yoke to the back but next is to install the invisible zipper. I've never done one of those before but I figure 8:30pm is not a great time to learn! I plan on using Amanda's invisible zipper tutorial.

My catsitting concluded tonight when Buddy's parents picked him up and took him home. I miss him already but am excited to get a full night of sleep, I hope! He had been waking me up at 4:45am near the end of his stay, licking my face and nose, purring all the while. Very cute! But I *need* to get my sleeping habits back on track. Sleep is a gift I can give myself!

Also as his catsitter I didn't feel the need to discipline him so he had free reign of the house. This is my favorite picture as it took a certain amt of timing to get the picture when his paw was in the water glass.

And then he would lick the water off his paw

I like little cat paws and so I took some paw shots. Pam recently took some paw shots on her blog.




He helped me put laundry away

And he enjoys Princeton Farmer's Mkt flowers too:

And he helped me lay out the pattern pieces for the skirt!

I'm seriously thinking about getting a cat now!
Good night!


  1. Your skirt is coming along nicely. You gotta love the pets. Mine cracks me up all the time. He's so spoiled. I'd say your little friend made himself at home. Nice!!!!!

  2. I'm so happy that you are making this skirt because are the pockets the kewlest? Are you leaving your's unlined? And wait until you wear it! You are going to love this skirt!

  3. You totally need to get a cat now!

  4. Nice skirt, kiddo! Cats are a good pet--not much work as they generally take care of themselves. And of course, help their masters!

  5. Oh my, this skirt is gorgeous!! And I completely love the top in this pattern too, are you planning to make the top up too? Another one to add to my wish list...

  6. Love Rachel Comey!! Rock it out lady!! xx Marisa

  7. "Sleep is a gift I can give myself." Srsly, sleep is one of my FAVORITE gifts I can give myself. I took a nap just yesterday. ;-)

    The skirt is coming along! If that is nine inches added, it really is super short as drafted. Yikes!

  8. Pretty kewl skirt. And your cat is gorgeous.

  9. Love the cat photos! Isn't it cute how cats interact with water sources?


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