Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vogue 1247 still in progress; Hurricane Irene


Ah yes, the Rachel Comey skirt with the cute front pockets, known as Vogue 1247.  When I last left you, I was up to the step for inserting the invisible zipper. I used a combination of my Singer Complete Photo Guide to Sewing 2009 edition, Amanda's invisible zipper tutorial, and the instructions that came with the zipper.  My first ever invisible zip!

Shocker:  I didn't know I'd need an invisible zipper foot (I didn't know such things existed) so I used my regular zipper foot and improvised.  Also I wound up sewing the side seams down from a 14 down to a 12.  It was just too big as a 14.  Also my fabric has stretch.

vogue 1247 still in progress:  my first invisible zipper
Amanda's instructions were great for getting the horizontal seam in the back to match up.  But you can tell I had some difficulty with the bottom of the zipper.  I plan on fixing that tomorrow.
Vogue 1247 still in progress
But I also had difficulty with the top of the zipper and the waist band.  I haven't installed the waistband hook and eye closure yet, but you can see the white of my shirt peeking out there between the waistband and the zipper top.  I have to play with that.

Here's the side view:
Vogue 1247 still in progress

I still need to hem it too.
Vogue 1247 still in progress

I was also thinking of ripping out the waistband entirely and just folding the top edge over and finishing it with ribbon or elastic or something.

band folded under
Vogue 1247 still in progress

That would take care of the back zipper / waistband problem.
Vogue 1247 still in progress

But I think it's cuter with the waistband.

So, Hurricane Irene.   My sleep was interrupted often last night by rain, wind, or a combo of the two. It was a pretty fierce storm and I am glad the trees behind my house withstood the weather and stood tall and did NOT fall onto my bedroom!  I wound up taking a 3 hour nap at lunchtime to compensate for loss of sleep.

I feel really lucky.  I have had power throughout the storm, my newspaper was delivered this morning, I don't have a basement, so no flooding in my house.   However, looking at twitter there is a lot of flooding in the Princeton area. Princeton University is closed tmw. The roads to my work and gym are flooded.

My parents live down the shore (~3 miles inland) and haven't had power since 11:30pm last night.  I read the electric company's twitter feed to my mom over the phone. They have a gas stove so she can cook, but she needed a way to light the stove and didn't have matches or a lighter.  So she went to Quik Check this morning and bought 4 lighters, whereas everyone else was buying coffee.  The clerk wanted to know if she was planning on starting a forest fire.

So I hope you are all safe and not flooded, and that you are well and healthy-healthy-healthy.  Good night!


  1. Your invisible zipper looks great! And which version (waistband/folded down waistband) feels most comfortable to wear? I think that's how you should chose.

    Glad your trees are still's interesting some friends a little further down 27 in Kendall Park lost power for a couple of hours yet we didn't.

    Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

  2. Good to hear you didn't have too many difficulties with the storm. Nice Job on your first invisible zipper. It looks great. Also Beth from Sunny Gal Sewing Studio blog has an invisible zipper tutorial, which shows you that you don't need a special foot to install one of these zippers. That has been such a time saver for me!

  3. Wow, the skirt is really, really adorable! The other two I've seen were lengthened by a little, but I think I like it lengthened by a lot! Very flattering and cute.

  4. Okay, so I'm not the only one who didn't know an invisible zipper needed a special foot. I thought your zipper looked fine, and I would love to what you did to get it 'installed' without purchasing the special foot.

  5. What a super invisible zipper insertion!! Aren't they fun? I like your progress on the skirt. It is coming together nicely.

    I am also glad you didn't have any major damage from the hurricane.

  6. Glad you are not personally flooded! When I lived in New Orleans as a kid we had plenty of hurricanes and lost power but never got flooded.You look beautiful in the skirt and blouse!


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