Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jennifer Weiner and What I Wore: Simplicity 2633 and New Look 6843

For the past there years I have attended the Jennifer Weiner book readings at the Princeton Public Library. She is a hoot, never disappoints.

This year the deal was, if you wore a vest, you got your choice of a "I read Jennifer Weiner" tote or beach towel. (Why, you ask? Well, she explains why here and here.)

Due to traffic she arrived half an hour late, so I had to book it out of there midway through her visit to get back to a work meeting.  I tweeted that I was sad to miss the bag.  Well, through replies from Jennifer and from the Princeton Public Library, Jennifer's assistant mailed me the bag!  I am thrilled SO thrilled!!!

So here's a recreation of what I wore that day.

I sewed the vest (Simplicity 2633--one of the Project Runway patterns)  waaaay back in 2009, wore it once, never wore it again....Little did I know then, it was fated to be the Jennifer Weiner vest!!  So from now on it is known as the Vest.  It is another fun case study to look at something I sewed 3 years ago and think how I sew it differently today.  (i.e. closing it with a snap and sewing the button on the front...for starters).

I sewed the skirt, New Look 6843, 3 weeks ago.  The Vest and skirt go very well together.
Jennifer Weiner tote and what I wore
Even my dressform loves the bag. I tweeted this to Jennifer and she retweeted and said my dressform has taste.   Awwww!  My brush with a celebrity!
Jennifer Weiner tote

The bag is really high quality too!    The interior edges are finished with a Hong Kong finish (have to look that up to verify that's the right term) and the bag is super sturdy.  I have used it a few times already.

I have finally read two Jennifer Weiner books I bought ages ago but never cracked open--her novel Little Earthquakes, and her collection of short stories The Guy Not Taken (one of the stories, Swim, is the basis for her new novel The Next Best Thing).  And I finally started the Next Vest, er, Best Thing this morning.  Yay!

In other news, I bought MORE black eyed susans this morning to plant.  My car was bursting with happiness, front and back!!
my car o' black eyed susans
I decided that today would be a great day to get my hair trimmed and straightened. And then it started raining while I was at the salon. Let's see how long this lasts for!  I'm in New Look 6071, my favorite dress I've ever sewn.
NewLook 6071, no cami, with straight hair
My hair is getting long! I plan to keep growing it out for at least another year or two. NewLook 6071, no cami, with straight hair
Side view
NewLook 6071, no cami, with straight hair

Tonight my straight hair and I will spend some quality time with my serger video.   I'm going to try rethreading it from scratch (not knotting it and pulling the knots through) with MaxiLock thread.  There's another online chat tmw night for the serger class so I need to keep on making progress.

And what are you up to this evening?
Be well!


  1. Glad you were able to get the bag. I'm not familiar with the writer, but will have to find one of her books. I'm into reading some history right now--"The Last Brother" about Ted Kennedy and an audio one, "the Killing of Lincoln" by Bill O'Reilly. Enjoying both. Hair looks great!

  2. Wow, your hair is so long when straight! You look great!

    Very nice of the author to send you the bag.

  3. The bag is perfect for the library or the farmers market so I'm glad you were able to get one. =) You're hair looks great, Kyle! I really love your NL6071 - I think I'll have to go buy it.

  4. Your hair is beautiful! I really like it look totally different! Your NL6071 dress is beautiful on...I know why you like it so much. And great score on the bag!

    Tonight - watching the Olympics and working on M6506.

  5. I too cannot get over how different you look with your hair straightened - tres chic! Glad you got your bag in the end, you go girl!

  6. Your hair really is getting long! It's amazing how different your look is with straight hair. Really nice! But I have always loved curly hair too! So glad it all worked out with the tote. Have fun planting all your flowers.

  7. Totally love the car bursting with black eyed susans! They spread, you know! You are going to end up with gobs and gobs and gobs of them!

  8. Glad you got your bag. And black eyed susans! How long does your hair stay straight after it's processed? I tried it a couple of times, but it never lasted long.

  9. Yesterday night, I went to an outdoor concert featuring local artist L'Renee, handsome-sexy-fine Eric Benet, and superstar diva Ledisi. Today, I will cut the grass and finally update my blog...maybe!

  10. Love the straight hair, though I know it is so very temporary! Nice job on the tote -- very cool. Haven't read Jennifer Weiner but I remember you blogging about her in previous years. Three years in a row! That's a tradition.

  11. Wow, you look so different with the straight hair! It is nice, but I like it curly, too. I am jealous of curly hair. How nice of her to make sure you got a tote bag!

  12. You look fantastic in your hair and favourite dress!


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