Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Look 6968: I don't know what to do.

I started New Look 6968 today and I really don't know what to do about the bodice fit.
I need a 14 for the waist and hip.

I started with a 14 for the bust, but it was definitely too big.  Waay too big.  Swimming in it too big.

So then I cut a 12 for the bust, grading to 14 at the waist.

It is still too big in the chest.  I don't know what to do?

NewLook 6968 in progress, size 12 grading to 14
 NewLook 6968 in progress, size 12 grading to 14
Here I sewed the front shoulder seam as if it were a 10, bust is still 12 grading to 14.
NewLook 6968 size 10 at shoulder front, 12 at bust grading to 14
Better, side bust point seems to be right instead of too low now, but the under bust dart is almost at my bust point, not exactly what I was going for.
NewLook 6968 size 10 at shoulder front, 12 at bust grading to 14
I don't recall having this problem before with New Look. But I haven't sewn so many bust darts ever, I think just side or under, not both.
Look at what was in my garden this morning!
butterfly and rose of sharon
There have been some butterflies this year--such a great sight! I don't recall seeing butterflies in my backyard before.
butterfly and rose of sharon
Of course, bumble bees!
bumble bee and rose of sharon
And male pumpkin flowers (still waiting for a female pumpkin flower...)
male pumpkin flowers
Princeton Farmers Market flowers this week:
princeton farmer's mkt flowers
I'm going to sleep on 6968. Do I cut the bodice in a size 10 grading to 14 at the waist? Do I Frankenpattern it by making it into a princess seamed bodice? Stuff my bra with socks and pretend I'm a C cup? gosh....
Be well!


  1. I would try draping it on your new dress form. Put the dress on it, pin the darts the way you want them, try it on to check and adjust, and sew!

  2. Sometimes I HATE bust darts. Would it be possible to grade down to the size 10 for the bust, and fold the side bust dart out on the pattern before cutting. I have no theory on what I just typed - it just came to me???
    Your flowers and yard are beautiful!

  3. I agree with BeckyMc. Seeing if you can take the extra out will let you know if you need to recut the piece or if you can just re-stitch it closer. A good night's sleep will help with solving the problem. You can always email me tomorrow cnorman underscore 98 at yahoo dot com if you need some help. I still live just up the road...

  4. Sorry, I am no help what-so-ever on problems like this!!! But I do love the colour of your fabric, so hope the dress works out...

    ✿ Judith
    made by J

  5. I third the suggestion of pinning the bodice to your dress firm and taking out the excess as needed.

  6. I agree with BeckyMc. You may need to undo the shoulders and add in a shoulder dart. Maybe you need to do an SBA for the pattern...that of course is done on the pattern itself. Good luck!

  7. You can use the socks for another occassion. I think you've got some great ideas from BeckyMc to work with. Take your time.


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