Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Post-Sandy, Post-Birthday, On-Halloween Update

Pirate on Halloween
Yarrr mateys!  I don't think I ever blogged my pirate costume?  I sewed it pre-blog in 2007.  It's Simplicity 3677.  I made the shirt, vest, pants, and shoe covers so it would look like I'm wearing boots.  Hat, sword, belt were purchased.  I struggled making the pirate jacket and gave up; then it turned out to be too warm to wear it anyway that day.  Picture above taken on 10/31/07 in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

 Greetings from central NJ, near Princeton!
Last year it snowed on my birthday, this year there was Sandy.  Highlights:
  • My power went out on Monday night at 6:30pm and came back on yesterday at 10am, thank you PSEG!  I feel SO lucky and grateful. 
  • Monday night I cut out the fit muslin pattern for my jeans class by flashlight...also cut out a sample (much like the one I did in the ASE class) also by flashlight.
  • I slept on the sofa bed in the living room because I was afraid the trees on the ridge out back would fall onto my bedroom.  It felt like camping in my living room.  
  • One tree fell in the side yard, broken at its base
  • Hal (my roomba) woke me up when the power came back on.  What a cheery way to announce the power is back on!
  • Twitter on my smart phone was my friend til 5am when my cell battery died.  I tried charging it in my car the next morning but the internet and texting didn't really work.  Voicemail didn't start working til last night.
  • My parents, who live about 10 min from the Jersey coastline, have been without power since 5:30pm Monday night. They lost 6 trees including one that split in half and another that is blocking their front door.
  • I have been unable to call my parents since yesterday morning.  Dialing their number always returns a busy signal.
  • Princeton has been closed since Monday.  I'll find out this afternoon if I have to report back to work tmw or not.
  • There is a boatload of traffic driving through my neighborhood, which makes me think a detour was set up.
  • Halloween has been rescheduled in NJ.
Sorry, there's like 3 posts in one....
Here is the front of jeans fit muslin #1:
 Muslin #1
and here is the back of fit muslin #1:
 Muslin #1
If you want to see me wearing fit muslin #1, you have to pay for the class and go to the class gallery. There's no way those pix are seeing the light of day anywhere else.

On Monday I made lemon chicken orzo soup for my birthday. I was feeling all relaxed and creative taking pix:
Lemon chicken orzo soup in progress
Parsley from my garden, complete with rain from Sandy
Lemon chicken orzo soup in progress
I love my lemon squeezer!

A cup of orzo:
Lemon chicken orzo soup in progress
And that's lunch!
Lemon chicken orzo soup done!
So my birthday wish is for everyone without power and gas to have it restored quickly!!! Phone service too!   And to quickly dry out...

Be well!


  1. Happy birthday and glad you're safe! Good luck with your jeans. I just made my first pair and they are the best thing ever.

  2. Happy Belated BD and a Happy Halloween too! Your pirate costume is too cute! You have some interesting kitchen toys. As always, I like your food pictures. I hope your parents are doing ok without power, and that all of you caught in that storm will see better days soon. Stay safe.

  3. Happy Birthday! Not the most ideal circumstances but it sounds like you managed to enjoy it a little!

  4. Well, you had quite the eventful birthday!!! So glad you are okay and with power!

  5. First Happy Birthday! Second I'm so jealous, I live 10 mins from you and haven't had power since Monday at 7pm. Thank God for 4g and the fact that my sister who lives on the other side of Somerset has power that I've been able to warm up and recharge gadgets, tho she has no Internet and/or cable. Hopefully the PSEG will get to us soon especially since work has now been cancelled until Monday..

  6. Happy Birthday! So glad that you are okay, we were lucky for the first time ever we did not lose power during a storm. Schools are back to normal today and Halloween is in full swing!

  7. Happy birthday. It was so memorable too.
    I'm very glad you're ok too. I still can't get over the fact that you send me a message about Sydney bloggers meeting up through that experience. You really are resourceful.
    Great costume too.
    Would I be right to say orzu is the same as risoni? Greeks use a similar pasta like rice that you used in your soup.
    Take care.

  8. Glad you are safe and well, and happy birthday! I am excited to see your jeans when you are all finished. I never thought I would ever sew jeans, and now I sew them all the time.

  9. Here in Texas we would say, "Oh, Kyle, bless your little pea-pick'n heart." What a way to spend your birthday. Your parsley looks excellent; the Monarch worms keep eating mine. AND, I just finished my first pair of jeans....

  10. Happy birthday Kyle, and I am glad you are safe and sound, and made the most of the situation. What a scary experience.
    Your pirate costume is fantastic :)


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