Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Perspective on Burda Style 7253

Thank you for your sympathetic comments on my last post. (JuliaRu, if I had a way to directly contact you, I would have because your sweet comment made me feel SO much better.)

I was distraught and I have since calmed down, waaay down.

To answer your questions, the fabric is a "linen look" blend of non-natural fibers. I don't like wearing natural fibers generally because they wrinkle easily and I hate looking like a wrinkled mess, especially after carefully ironing a garment only to look like I'm wearing something that was last seen balled up in a corner. But it was probably a combo of that (as several suggested) and the fabric being cut off grain like Gwen suggested.

Anyway, I decided to wear the dress to work today and guess what, now I like it!

So here I am, just awakened....before work...
Burda Style 7253 view A done (morning)
And here it is after wearing it all day:

Burda Style 7253 view A done (after wearing at work all day)

So there are horizontal wrinkles across the skirt part of the dress, from sitting down, which runs into the pucker situation on the side seams. Somehow this now makes it all ok, like it's just normal wear. Even if the side seam wasn't puckered, the wrinkles would be there no matter what--it's the nature of this kind of pegged skirt design.

So I have made peace with this design.

Side view after wearing all day:
Burda Style 7253 view A done (after wearing at work all day)
Back view:
Burda Style 7253 view A done (after wearing at work all day)
But yes, Summer Flies, that button *is* the bomb:
Burda Style 7253

Ok, so based on your advice, I am going to buy the regular ham, ham stand and seam roll from Stitch Nerd. Excitement fills the air!!!

No one is going to take the jeans class on Pattern Review.com with me?? Sniff.

Cookies anyone? I made them tonight, Nestle Toll House chocolate chip with walnuts from scratch. YUM!   The ones in the bags will be distributed at my meditation group tomorrow.  The big container is a thank you for my chiropractor.

Velosewer thanks for baking with me via twitter!  It was fun!
First batch of cookies for the fall season 2012
Ok, I feel better now!!
Be well!!


  1. I think your sewing and baking are magnifique.
    I'm just getting used to twitter so it's been fun for me too.
    Glad you love your dress now. you put a lot of thought and work into it so I'm really pleased you can enjoy what you sew:))

  2. It is true that we are our worst critics. I'm glad that you enjoyed wearing the dress. Just move on and think that it was a learning experience. Besides it looks cute on you!;-)

  3. It is gorgeous on you! I love the button. And you are gonna love your ham from Stitch Nerd!

  4. You look great in this dress!

    What fabric combo are you getting for the ham/sleeve roll? I'm considering requesting for Christmas!

    BTW, remember the wood clapper I purchased from Angela? Turns out I already had one at home. LOL

  5. So glad that you ended up happy with your new dress after all. I think it looks great and is flattering on you. My eyes were drawn to the beautiful button at the neckline. What a nice detail. Yay! Time to put this project away and refresh with excitement of something new.

  6. As others have said, the dress looks great on you! I don't see an wrinkles and those that are there are probably not even noticeable.

    I took the jeans class with Jennifer two years ago. =)

  7. Please be safe!! I hope the storm fizzles out quickly and doesn't cause too much damage.


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