Sunday, October 21, 2012


Burda Style 7253 is pretty much done.  I can't imagine working any more on this dress than I have already, though I *hate* this puckering on the skirt of both seams  and don't know how to get rid of it.  It wasn't there when I sewed the seam and pressed, but when I serged the raw edges the puckering appeared (because I was at minimal seam allowances there--sigh).

 I undid the serging and seam and pressed and stabilized with interfacing and lowered the tension and sewed again and pressed again and serged and for gawd's sake I even starched it and the puckering is *still* there.

Burda Style 7253
Honestly I can't spend anymore time on this dress which I have had to undo and redo every single seam of it 3 times or more.

This dress has made me question why I sew.
Burda Style 7253

But the band isn't so bad and I love that rose:

Burda Style 7253
Here's the pattern envelope:
Burda Style 7253

So my questions are:
  • Why is the puckering happening? 
  • Will it drive me crazy when I wear it?
  • Will other people notice the puckering?
  •  I currently do not own a tailor's ham.  Several of you pointed me to Stitch Nerd for cute custom-made hams.  What type of ham should I get?  
    • regular ham?
    • contoured ham?
    • extra large ham?
  • Should I get a seam roll AND the ham stand too?
  • Will you join me for the Blue Prints to Blue Jeans class on Pattern Review?  The first chat is Oct 29 but if you buy the class now, the lessons are already up!
I leave you with flowers.  My favorite flower farmer was done for the season so I had to buy sunflowers from another stand.  The zinnias are left over from last week.  (Gwen, I made vegan minestrone soup tonight but did not take pix!  Maybe during the week??)

Princeton Farmer's Mkt Flowers
Be well!


  1. I'm really sorry you are having so much trouble. I have no advice but just wanted to tell you I've been there. Sewing is so fun when it goes well but incredibly frustrating when it doesn't. I am wondering what type of fabric you are using for this dress? Not that you can do anything about it now, but I have found that natural fibers press so much nicer then synthetics do. Just a thought for your next project. I hope you get it figured out!

  2. I think people are going to notice that awesome neckline, and not anything else. beautiful dress.

  3. Amanda posed the question I was going to ask: of what fiber is your fabric? Last year, I made a skirt out of a 50 wool-50 polyester blend and it looked horrible. The polyester was just enough to not give me a good press no matter how much steam, pressure, or interfacing I used.

    The puckering could be caused by uneven tension as well. Will it drive you crazy when you wear it? Only you will know. =)

    I have a regular ham, purchased from JoAnn's on sale with a coupon. It's great for pressing darts, princess seams, and other curved edges. It's definitely it. I've been looking for a ham stand and like the one offered by Stitch Nerd. I have a seam roll as well and sometimes use it when I need to press open straight seams.

    And the award for world's longest comment goes to...

  4. Oh, vegetarian minestrone soup sounds wonderful in this cool MI weather. That puckering could be a grain issue. The fabric cold be off grain just a bit in that area. A seam roll and a regular ham will serve you well.

  5. I agree with L.. that's the first thing I thought of.. but I think you notice is because you have been focused on it but when you are wearing it, I don't think you will notice and no one else will I'm sure. Looks really nice actually. That button's the bomb isn't it!


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