Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jeans and pillowcases....and a question

Question:  How many iterations did it take you to get your jeans muslin to where you wanted it to be???
The jeans muslin is a big project for me, so I needed a little instant gratification sewing this weekend.  I also needed another pillowcase for this odd-sized pillow I bought this summer.   Standard pillowcases are too large for it.   I had made one pillowcase for it earlier this year, but wanted to add to the rotation.

bubble pillowcase with piping
Of course I added piping:
bubble pillowcase with piping
This one is a sweet rose pillowcase:
sweet pink roses pillowcase with pink piping
with pink piping of course:
sweet pink roses pillowcase with pink piping
I even serged the inside edges, which is fun now that my serger is no longer scary:
serged inside seam of pillowcase
Also worked on the jeans muslin a lot this weekend. Here I am at interation #3, working on adding darts for my swayback:
makin' darts for jeans muslin interation #3

I made another sample front like we did at the ASE. I made my first-ever coin pockets and wanted practice so I added two (I know in real life, there's only one coin pocket).  One coin pocket is at a jaunty angle, the other is straight up and down....

This is my second ever fly front zip insertion, hurrah!
practising pockets and front fly zip
Here's iteration #4 of my jeans muslin front:
 jeans muslin iteration #4
jeans muslin iteration #4

If you want to see the pix of the muslin on me, you'll have to pay for the class on Those pix, even at iteration #4, are still not going to see the light of day.  The jeans are getting better--before the waistband wasn't anywhere near my body and now it is!  and actually the back looks  pretty decent overall.  But the front and front sides are a mess...

So please let me know the answer to the question at the start of this post.  :)

Sandy update:  so many in NJ are still without power, including several friends and my parents.  With a high of 29F tonight I am really hoping the power is restored to all very soon!

Be well!


  1. Hmm.......jeans muslins? I lost count. Good luck.

  2. Haven't done jeans yet. Love your pillowcases.

  3. It may take a few tries to get the jeans exactly as you want. Do not give up! It is well worth the effort when you get something you like. Hope you parents are ok. I am sure you're keeping up with them. What--no food this weekend?

  4. I made five muslins as part of the jeans class. By the end, I was frustrated that it didn't fit and I suspended working on it for a couple of months. Determined not to be defeated, I went back to it and started over from scratch. I threw away all of my adjustments (except for the contoured waistband), made a couple of adjustments that I would normally make on pants, and went right to the real thing - no muslin. This was the best thing because I didn't let the fear of them not fitting hinder my progress. After that, I made seven more and haven't looked back. Like Gwen said, it'll take time, just keep at it.

    I should acknowledge that I am the muslin queen and usually make multiple muslins until I'm satisfied with the fit.

  5. I use Burda 7863, and it only required pinching in a few centimetres at the centre back seam to make it fit. Luckily for me, my sway back is only a slight issue.
    Good luck! it is well worth perfecting the fit. You'll never go rtw again!

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