Saturday, November 17, 2012

On step 3 in the 7th hour.

J Stern Design jeans in progress
Thank you for all your encouragement with the jeans!

I have spent about 7 hours on the jeans today.
I'm haven't even completed step 3 of the 10 steps of the J Stern Designs jeans pattern, but I feel like I'm half way done.  Maybe I'm naive.

J Stern Design jeans in progress
  • front pockets
  • zipper
  • CF seam
  • back yoke
  • CB seam

J Stern Design jeans in progress

To do:
  • topstitch CB seam
  • back pockets
  • inseam & side seams
  • waistband
  • buttonhole
  • shank button
  • hem

J Stern Design jeans in progress

  • this is fun!
  • jeans topstitching thread is amazing.
  • switching back and forth between topstitching thread and regular thread isn't as annoying as I thought it would be.
  •  sometimes my machine sounds like it's groaning.
Since I have all this week off, and the class closes Monday, I intend to finish these tmw.   I hope so!!!

Be well!


  1. Your topstitching looks very impressive.
    If you can access a 2nd sewing machine, use it as the topstitching machine.
    I know, it's short notice. I should have mentioned this before:(

  2. I find the zip is the worst bit so you're on the downhill slope now!

  3. This are looking very good! Love the topstitching!

  4. They are already amazing, so imagine how fabulous they will be when finished! The pockets and topstitching do take time, but just enjoy the journey.

  5. I'm telling you, they're going to be fantabulous! Once you've made your first pair, you'll want to make several more and you'll never buy RTW again! If I wanted to (read: worked hard enough), I could crank out a pair today. Having two sewing machines really helps cut down on time. I use one for sewing the seams and the other for topstitching.

  6. They are looking awesome. Great Job. Love reading your blog.

  7. I'm inspired! They look soooooo good.

  8. Your topstitching looks awesome, Kyle! Looking forward to seeing the finished pair.


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