Sunday, November 11, 2012

A domestic Sunday

Hey, my parents got their electricity back yesterday at 12:20pm!  12 days without power from the grid.  They are tough stock.  A crew from Arkansas helped them out--I love all these crews coming from out of state to help us (the state of NJ) get back on our feet again--thank you!!

Ok, it felt like a very domestic Sunday.

A little cooking...
artichoke chicken and rice soup
Chicken rice and artichoke soup, with too much Parmesan cheese thrown on top...

A little baking....
Nestle Toll House chocolate chip with walnut cookies from scratch for the Thanksgiving Potluck at work tmw.  My house smells SO good!

A little sewing....
version #6 of the jeans muslin (next time it will be the real deal....are you ready???  Am I???)
jeans muslin #6
jeans muslin #6
With a fisheye dart to take out excess length at the side seam that was creating unflattering waviness in the hip area (I actually had to make this dart bigger!):

And  a quick gratification project, this lovely pair of UW...
fabric: Joann's
elastic: either Daytona or Pacific Trim, NYC

iron on patch:  Hobby Lobby (recently opened in NJ)

And finally, a little snow with the ginkos...
after the 11/7/12 snowstorm Athena.  pix taken 11/8/12
Be well!!  Good night!


  1. There is no such thing as too much parmesan! Glad you and your family are recovering from Sandy.

  2. I agree with KC-one cannot have too much parm! Nice food photos. Too pretty to eat! Great undies, and good that you kept on working on those jeans. Your parents are sturdier than I would be under those circumstances. Glad to hear they have their lights back on.

  3. Cute panties! So glad to hear that power has been restored to your parents and so many others I'm sure. I am looking forward to seeing your jeans. Super impressed with how you are working out the fit. Way to stay with it.

  4. 12 days without power; that is a very difficult time. I'm glad all is well and you are keeping your spirits up :)

  5. Glad your parents got their power back. I am in Arkansas - glad we were able to help!!!!


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