Monday, April 22, 2013

Keep Calm Bag in progress....

Several asked about the fabric:  the fabric is from Timeless Treasures--not sure what the name of the print is but if you can find it on ebay with "timeless treasures fabric keep calm". It comes in two colorways: multi and black/white.   I bought it on ebay.   (Lee, I recognized it on your blog!)

Here's the progress I made tonight after work:
my bag is coming along!
Handles interfaced and sewn; top of bag lining interfaced and sewn; top of bag lining sewn to bottom of bag lining.
I was going to put in a zipper pocket but I am running out of time.
I might finish it tmw night.  I only have two nights left to sew it...and clean my house...and pack...and return my library books, etc etc etc.  Oh and work, yes, work....

Thank you for voting!!  Here are the votes so far on the piping:
 what color piping????
(votes are from last night's blog posting plus twitter; a half vote is when someone voted for two colors:
Black: 5
Orange: 1.5
white : 3
pink : 3
turquoise: 3.5
red (not pictured, but I do have it, suggestion per my mom, via email): 1

I'll keep you posted!
Be well!


  1. You're doing a sterling job Kyle.

  2. Great progress - this is a real winner of a tote bag!

  3. :-) ! I recognized yours too!!!

  4. That fabric is the cutest! A bag is the perfect choice to show it off :)


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