Saturday, April 13, 2013

Take 3: McCall's 6078 view C changing cowl again

McCall's 6078 with loops

This fabric has a was draped on the mannequin outside of Kashi's during PR weekend 2012.  I asked if there was any more of it left.
The answer, no.
I asked if I could have the piece.
Initially his son said no, but I asked Kashi and he said, "it's not even a yard."
I asked again if I could have it.
This time the answer was YES.

It was 35".
PERFECT for McCall's 6078.

I liked the loops, but last time taking 2" out of the cowl was too much and I couldn't really do the loops.

This time I took 1" out of the cowl.

I put the pieces back together again, and folded on the fold line, and drew out 1 5/8" this time (instead of 2 5/8" like last time.  The 5/8" is the SA.)

McCall's 6078 : reduce cowl by 1" instead of 2"
Folded on the line I just drew:
McCall's 6078 : reduce cowl by 1" instead of 2"
Opened the piece up and drew on the fold:
McCall's 6078 : reduce cowl by 1" instead of 2"
Cut that bit out:
McCall's 6078 : reduce cowl by 1" instead of 2"
Was feeling smart because I checked that the shoulder seams matched, so I cut out the back as-is. But the shoulder seams only matched... on the pattern. Depending on how you finish the back seam, they might not match in reality when you're was my case and I took another tuck in the shoulder seam to make up for it.
McCall's 6078 : reduce cowl by 1" instead of 2"
So here was how it looked before I added loops:
McCall's 6078, before putting loops on
And here it is after adding loops:
Tucked in:
McCall's 6078 with loops
I'm wearing my J Stern Designs brown cords... they go together well.
McCall's 6078 with loops
I centered the flower on the back. Not sure if that was a good idea or not:
back of McCall's 6078
Here's how I finished the back edge:
McCall's 6078 inside back binding
And here's how I bound the armhole edges. I used a version of Deepika's method for the armholes:
McCall's 6078 binding
Here's a closeup of the loop. It's actually Halloween fabric, used for making Pocahontas costumes. I used it for piping my argyle dress last year.
McCall's 6078  loops
I might put darts in the back for my sway back, but maybe not. It's done for now.
photobombed!  McCalls 6078
I'm cat sitting again.
Buddy helped me feed the squirrels today!
Buddy and the squirrel
Be well! Good night!


  1. That's a gorgeous fabric catch, and a great-looking top!

  2. Watch the Great British Sewing Bee.!

    Cat & squirrel face-off!

  3. Let me analyze your top: firstly I love the binding for the armholes and the way you finished the back neck area. Secondly, I think centering the flower in the back piece was a great idea. Thirdly, I love the fabric and the added detail at the shoulders. Wonderful top Kyle!

  4. Bravo on a great use for such a great fabric score. I was there; I remember the envy all around that you got the fabric. Beautiful top and it looks great on you.

  5. Thanks for posting another update on this pattern. Your top fits you well and indeed works nicely with the brown cords.

  6. That's a lotta' look for 35 inches! Good sewing.

  7. I love reading your blog and the journeys of each of your creations as they come to fruition.

    I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! You can find the details here:

  8. So glad you were able to buy this piece. I like your print placement and use of shoulder loops. Very cute top.
    Your cowl alteration is one I'll refer to again.

  9. Great fabric and what a cute picture of the cat and squirrel! I lost your blog somewhere along the way and am thrilled to have found you again...

  10. Cute, cute, cute. I love the flower centered on your back, so no worries there. My black cat, Ninny, likes to "help" sew, too. He is, however, terrified of squirrels. My sister's co-worker loves squirrels. At their new office location, their particular room opens directly outside, with a glass door and lots of windows. Coworker happily put out food each day for the gamboling squirrels, and delighted in watching them play. My sister came to the window one day to watch with her coworker, and was able to identify the rodents as not squirrels, but rats.


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