Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to clean finish the loops on McCall's 6078

Can you stand another post about this shirt??
A funny thing happened with McCall's 6078. I went to work yesterday with the loops in this position: McCall's 6078: loops down lower
And by the end of the day, it looked like this: McCall's 6078: with loops moved up
The loops moved, on their own, all the way up to my shoulders!!
I actually wore with a brown shrug, which goes a long way to tame the wildness of the print:
McCall's 6078:  with cardi shrug
It was pretty funny. It does change the way the cowl looks, depending on where the loops are. I think this fabric is so slippery, that the loops are free to roam.
The 1" reduction in cowl is not quite right for me either, I think my next attempt (if there is one) will be 1.5".
 (Here's where I took a 2" reduction).

Oh, so I also wanted to mention, the directions for the loops are to fold the fabric on the fold line and sew, then turn inside out and hand-stitch the loop closed. Yeah, I wasn't going to do that. here's how to clean finish it:
I followed the instructions up until step (x).(I'm writing this while having my car serviced...I'll update the step when I'm back home).

I turned the loop so the right side was out and the sewn edge was on the inside, and in the middle, then I pressed it flat.
Then I put it around the strap like this (you can see the sewn edge is straight down the middle), and the raw edges are together:
a way to clean finish McCall's 6078 loops
I serged the raw edge:
a way to clean finish McCall's 6078 loops
I then used Fray Check to keep the serger tails from fraying. (I haven't mastered the technique of enclosing the tails in the serger chain. Yet.  But I've watched that part of my White VHS tape a few times...)
a way to clean finish McCall's 6078 loops
Then I turned it so the right side was out and the serged edge was inside, positioning the seam to the back.
a way to clean finish McCall's 6078 loops
I guess it would best to actually sew the loops in the place I want them to be....but haven't decided if I prefer the loops at the shoulder or further down.

Hey, look at what's in bloom, my amaryllis!
my amaryllis in bloom!!  4/20/13
Such a great red color!!!

my amaryllis in bloom!!  4/20/13

Be well!!!


  1. Kyle I LOVE THAT FABRIC! Thanks for posting about the moving straps. I noticed yesterday that I have one lone amaryllis about to bloom in my flower bed. I had forgotten about it. I think I planted a potted one that had been given to me as a gift several Christmas's ago. I had forgotten all about it as I can't remember it blooming last spring.

  2. One top with two alternative necklines. And it still gives you coverage too. That's a good outcome.

  3. I love the top and the fabric choice. It looks great. I think it is nice that the straps move. You can change the look of the top that way :)


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