Sunday, July 21, 2013

Catching up...

So much to catch up on....
So a few weeks late, but here goes:
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Online classes
I finished watching all 3.5 hours of Sew Better, Sew Faster:  Garment Industry Techniques by Janet Pray, on Craftsy.  Wow.  There is a boatload of good stuff in there. Lots of fast and furious notetaking on my part.    Janet shows how to sew without pins or basting, and how to make a super-professional looking jacket.  I won't make the jacket anytime soon (though it would be awesome if I could make it in time to show her at the ASE).  My list of sewing tools to buy grows!  Highly recommend.  LOVE the notetaking feature.

I enrolled in Understanding Knit Fabrics on PR.  It starts Tuesday night but I already have received my kit and have been fondling the 20 knit fabric samples.  I am super-excited for this class.

My new calling cards.
I was running out of my old calling cards, and Moo was having a sale, so here are my new cards:

my new Moo cards (right).
Old Moo cards, left, new Moo cards, right.

I think I might like the old cards better but I like the color of the new cards, so...

Proof of actual sewing

Here is the muslin I started working on last weekend, sneak peek, another oops shot:
M4789 muslin
And here's one of those "looks like some kinda weird instagram photo" but it's not, maybe my camera is starting to die.
M4789 muslin
Anyway, that was just the muslin and it had some fitting issues, especially in the back, that I 'fixed'.

So then I started cutting it out of this purple lusciousness (I'm skipping over a whole lot of fabric related drama):
Pinned to Izzy but oops
Pinned to Izzy

and was feeling all proud of myself for cutting knits single layer....and then realized when I cut the 3rd piece , I had not followed the cutting diagram (which I did follow when I cut the first two pieces, I don't know why I forged ahead with the 3rd piece without consulting the cutting diagram again) and didn't have enough fabric left to cut the 4th piece.   ARGH!   Cue fabric related meltdown (ok, that's a bit of an overstatement.  But it was definitely time for dinner by that point).

For a dress pattern that has  all of 2 pieces (really, 2 pieces), I have already invested about 8 hours in the muslin, cutting the underlining to underline some very special yet incredibly see-through fabric, making a sample of fabric + underlining, then ditching that plan (special fabric and underlining) entirely because I couldn't handle the amount of chevron matching that would be involved, and then cutting into my new "real" fabric to this, um, point.

So I wrote three pattern reviews tonight, so I'm all caught up on that, yay!

Here are my pumpkin vines:

my pumpkin vines, 7/21/13
Green eyed susans from the Princeton Farmers Market (with decorative grass):
green eyed susans from Princeton Farmers Market
And my black eyed susans that came back:
And cookies I made last weekend:
cookies from scratch!!  yum!!
Be well!!


  1. I'm glad you have those lovely flowers to lift your sewing spirits. The dress will look amazing. I just know it.

  2. Those are some cute calling cards :)

  3. Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be the trickiest sometimes! I hope you manage to get an awesome dress after al that work.

  4. Nice, comprehensive blog post!

    The blurry shot may be because the camera was facing the sun.

  5. I love your cards, both the old and the new. And I didn't know there were green-eyed susans!

  6. Thanks for the review of the Craftsy Class, I've got it on my wish list. Great calling cards.



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