Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NL6095 in progress: with or without pink canvas bottom

I'm working on my version of NL 6095, the bag:
made mah own piping!

I made my own pink piping!
Plus, 10 bonus points if you know where that "feisty" iron on label is from...

Here is a mockup with the bag with a pink canvas bottom:
NL6095 mockup: with pink bottom:
The pink canvas and the straps are just pinned on:
NL6095 mockup: with pink bottom:
And here it is, without the pink bottom:
NL6095 mockup: without pink bottom:
Which do you prefer(Question Mark)

The question mark key (hereafter referred to as QM) on my keyboard is currently non-functional, as is the last letter of the alphabet key.  Oh, and the regular arrows aren't working either.  Ha ha!)

With the pink canvas bottom or without the pink canvas bottom (QM)

Here's an idea of where the inside is going:
interior pocket:  feisty!
Tell me what you think! (and don't worry, there will be outdoor pix when this is finished!  I'm loving the outdoor pix too!)
Be well!


  1. I like the pink bottom.
    Yet, with the pocket and tag, I can see why you're rethinking the pink bottom.
    Would another contrating solid colour work to highlight the pocket and tag?

  2. Kyle,

    this looks like a great bag. And I think that you have a lovely lavatory!


  3. The pink is a great color. But if you don't need it for durability, I like the way the cats look without the bottom covering them up.

  4. My vote is for no pink bottom. However, this is going to be a super cute bag either way.

  5. Definitely the pink bottom! I think it perks up the bag and makes it look really finished.

  6. Liking the pink bottom. That's going to be a cute bag.

  7. With. Show off your pink bottom with pride! (Well, show off your purse's pink bottom, anyway.)

  8. I like the pink on the bottom too!

  9. Pink bottom vote here as I think the solid color "grounds" the kitties. Otherwise they look a bit like they are floating. KWIM? It's early and I'm a bit off today. um, the tag=cute and my intuition says use a scrap of cat fabric for the tag section. This is a great bag-nice work.

  10. I like the pink but maybe not as much pink, maybe a panel half that height?

    Also, if the kitties go all the way down then you might have to see them get scruffed up and discolored since they're at the bottom, nearer the floor. But I am LOVIN this bag either way, so cute!

  11. If you're gonna do pink then you should go all out.
    Personally, i would prefer a dark color for the bottom but it appears the only dark color is the weird green. Cream seems to be the background color so you could try that.

    Be brave --do the pink

  12. Love it with the pink bottom!

  13. With or without the pink I love the cats! The pink will certainly prevent staining up the lighter colored fabric.

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