Sunday, July 28, 2013

Butterick 4789: a teaser, plus PR class

A post in three parts:

Butterick 4789
I finished B4789 tonight and plan to wear it to work tmw.  I am *so* excited to have a new dress.  Haven't had a new dress since, what, March?

Here it is on Izzy this morning.  At this point everything was done except for the swayback tuck, which I did tonight.
B4789 almost done!
And here it is on me, this morning:
B4789 almost done!
I made a muslin of this dress and it was *entirely worth it*. I made a boatload of changes based on my muslin, which I will detail in another post.  Boatload of changes. Maybe I'll break the changes into separate posts.  That many changes.

Joann's 70% off notions sale
This was the sale I've been waiting for. It was one-day, in-store only, 70% off the entire notions wall, with coupon. I've been waiting for those pattern weights to go on sale as they are $13.99 regular price. I only had one set of 4 and I love them, but 4 is not enough.
joann's 70% off notions sale
Believe me, if they had the weights all in pink, you would be seeing all pink weights.  Such a happy color.
pattern weights
The thread snip was recommended in Janet Pray's Craftsy class. $6 on sale.
The bobbin box was an impulse purchase, to keep my Brother bobbins separate from my Baby Lock ones.  Hrm. Now I'm not sure about buying that.
I got square snaps, and button cover kits, and a loop turner, not pictured.  Square snaps, can you believe?  Be still my beating heart.

PR class:  Understanding Knit Fabrics
So class hasn't been in session a week yet, but I'm already behind in my PR class.
Pattern Review Understanding Knit Fabrics class
The class comes with 20 knit swatch samples, and some other goodies. I decided to use paper tags to label them, one side with the swatch number and the other side with the number and knit fabric name. Then I can quiz myself, ha ha!
I have learned a lot already, but, like I said, I'm behind....

Princeton Farmers Mkt flowers for this week:  Hydrangeas!
Honeybee in a male pumpkin flower.  Still waiting for a female flower.  Last year it wasn't til August.
Honeybee in the pumpkin flower!
Be well! Good night!


  1. That's a fantastic dress. Enjoy your new toys too!

  2. Busy woman! and looking good in that beautiful new dress. I missed the 70%sale,and am kicking myself for letting it go by.

  3. You look so good in that sort of grayed-royal purple color! You should wear lots and lots of it. Get to work on that, lol.

  4. Love your dress! Sorry it was such a pain to make. I realize I have made it 3 times (2 as a dress, 1 as a top) and every time I end up messing with the shoulders/neckline.

  5. I hope your knit fabric course goes well. You'll catch up. That's a lot of fabrics to learn about.
    Your dress looks great too.

  6. Your dress looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing your post on all the changes so I can judge whether it's worth trying, sounds like a lot of work

  7. This came out great! I love the rich color.

  8. What a beautiful dress! Great job!!!!!!

  9. That dress looks great!!! And I can't tell one knit from another, so I would totally learn a lot in that class!


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