Sunday, August 11, 2013

MPB Day 2013 recap

I. had. SO. much. FUN!
MPB Day was a blast (and that was without gunshots this year.)

I got there for the 11am visit to the FIT museum, to see the RetroSpective exhibit.  First we stopped for pictures on the red carpet (ok, next to the red carpet) in the lobby of the FIT museum.

We started as 25 strong but this group grew throughout the day.    I'd say a third of attendees were MPB Day alums.
 MPB Day 2013 participants
The exhibit was small, the talking was loud, and pictures were prohibited.  I met one of my blog followers, Mary, and we hit it off instantly.  We were joined at the hip for the rest of the day.  For someone I had never met before, we had so much to talk about!

Lunch was at Panera, and the pattern swap was on...
pattern swap at Panera  
Then it was time to hit the garment district.   Half of us followed Clio and her purple hair to Mood.
Here's Mary and the delight that is the knits aisle at Mood Fabrics
Mary in the knits aisle at Mood
Me and my first love, I mean, the double knits section at Mood Fabrics
me in the double knits section

Suzanne saw Sandro (yes Sandro!), Uli and another PR alum during our visit there.  I saw lots of fabric.

Then it was a blur:  SIL Thread, Spandex House, Pacific Trimming,  Chic Fabrics.

Express your love with rhinestones (Pacific Trimming)
Obama in iron on rhinestones 
Random truck (follow the jaywalking ladies on the left to SIL)
love that!
Mary and moi posing with the mannequin at Chic Fabrics
with Mary at Chic fabrics
The day wound up at Bryant Park for show and tell (this is maybe a third of the group): Bryant Park show and tell
Me and Mr MPB himself!
me with Mr MPB himself
I'm wearing M6078 (polka dot cowl top), NL6843 skirt, and the bag is S8331.  I'm even wearing my own undies, but I didn't flash anyone. 

Then Mary was going back to the train station but she readily agreed to procure doughnuts from Doughnut Plant first.  I don't think I'd ever noticed the carrot doughnut before...or the banana one for that matter.

doughnuts at Doughnut Plant
And then she agreed to take a later train so we could have dinner at Brgr (no need for vowels!)
Burger at brgr
On the right is their "shake shot": 5oz of milkshake. Clever idea.
Thanks for coming with me back to Chelsea, Mary! It was so fun getting to know you!

As far as what I bought, I only went $66 over budget.  You know that bag that everyone made for the Super Online Sewing Match?  I want to make it.  I bought the swivel clips, webbing, D-rings, and had a zipper custom cut at Pacific Trimming (which is the BEST---they cut it on the balcony upstairs and then attach it to the end of a rope and lower it down to you while the guy yells out "zipper"...wish I took a pic of that).  Only $1 to cut it to the right length.  (The fabric is some kind of vinyl I bought in June at Kashi's with velosewer).
the goods for making my bag

Zippers, piping, FOE from SIL Thread and Pacific Trimming:
zippers and piping and FOE
All the fabric is from Mood except for the navy silk charmeuse from Chic:
the fabric I bought
Ivory silk organza (for the PR class on garment cloning, and a bit extra to use as a press cloth);
Navy Silk charmeuse
Black cotton and silk voile
Tan cotton jersey
Silver acetate and polyamide in center.

What I picked out of the pattern swap.  I *love* that Vogue pattern!!!  And am interested in the knit shirt on the right.
MPB Day pattern "swap".

Thank you Peter for providing another opportunity for the sewing community to join together--see you next year!!


  1. Wow! it sounds like a greatl time. I'm laughing because I saw picture of the doughnuts (before I saw the caption) and I was wondering "What interesting buttons!"

  2. It was a fun day, wasn't it?? It was great to meet you. I'm glad no one lost me en route to Mood and elsewhere!

  3. Looks like a really good time was had by all. Thanks for letting us peek in.

  4. What a great day with so many MPB sewers. Your new bag is going to be fabulous. Wow.
    I can still remember the taste of the cake donuts from Planet Donut. Now to just get back to NY again...

  5. I just watched some of PR episode 4 yesterday where Sandro walks off.
    Fun to see someone 'famous'.

  6. Mood! So *that's* where Sandro went after he stormed off the PR set last week! I am so glad you had a great time, and I'm looking forward to your new bag. Love me some good hardware! xo

  7. Kyle I had a great time meeting you- Thank you so much for letting me follow you around, and for showing me the best places to shop on my first visit to the district! I feel inspired and ready to get the machines humming for some fall sewing- including my NEOPRENE jacket!
    Can't wait to see your bag come together- seeing all the pieces laid out in your photo I think its going to be GREAT. Love the poca-dotted piping- its going to be the perfect touch.

    Hope to do it again soon-

  8. It was nice to meet you, Kyle (love your blog name)! I have a photo of that zipper rope delivery thing at Pacific Trimming, but haven't posted it yet. Definitely got a kick out of that too!

  9. Wow-just reading this is so excitong. I cannot imagine how much fun you had. My little corner of Oregon does NOT provide this stimulation. :-)


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