Wednesday, August 7, 2013

B4789 Part 3: fixing the holes in the knots and the neck edge that wants to flip

Glad you're enjoying my series on all the adjustments I've made to B4789, which is a dress with 2 pattern pieces yet unlimited adjustments!

Today I'm covering how to fix the "holes" in the "knots" and how to keep the neck edge from flipping over.
B4789 in progress: hole

The way the front of the dress is sewn leaves you with two lovely "holes" in the front of your dress, which means your bra is visible for all to see.  At the same time, the front neck edge wants to flip to the other side.  Andrea told me that during PR weekend 2012 in NYC, and I found it to be true on my muslin and my dress.

Here's how I "fixed" BOTH problems in one swoop:

First turn the dress inside out and find the hole on one side:

B4789 fixing the hole part 1
B4789 fixing the hole part 2
When I say "sew across" I mean, sew across with your machine.  Not hand stitching.
Repeat for the other side.
Turn your dress right side out and rejoice!
B4789: hole fixed and binding flat
The neck edge no longer wants to flip over and no more holes!

Next up, the hem and how I cut the dress out.
Be well!


  1. I so remember telling you that. Your dress is awesome. Thanks for the tip I need to try that with my version of the top.


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