Saturday, August 17, 2013

S9776: Super cute, but not yet wearable muslin

Inspired by the PR class "More Knits", I made a muslin of a stretch lace tank with FOE neckline/armhole finish that continued into straps.  The fabric is from my spring fabric bender shopping with Elizabeth in San Diego.  I was originally going to make KID MD's raglan sleeved shirt with lace front overlay but after making the mini-tank for the PR class, the tank won.
S9776 not-wearable muslin
It's adorable.
But it's not yet wearable.
Do you know why?
S9776 not-wearable muslin
The front "point" is way too far over toward my arms.   I need to move it over toward my center, and it needs some armhole scooping if I'm going to keep the strap length the same. The FOE is irritating my skin at the point, because of the strap placement and strap length, I'm pretty sure.
S9776 not-wearable muslin
Above I used chalk to draw the line where I'm going to do some muslin surgery. I think I can make this a wearable muslin.
S9776 not-wearable muslin
Yes, this pattern is for knits and it has darts!  I know!  and a center back seam!  I know!

I'm going to fix that swayback too... (and yes, I bought wonder clips. I know!  I read a post about the pros/cons of wonder clips and binder clips.  I decided to give wonder clips a try).

my black eyed susans 8/17/13
My black eyed susans.
My female pumpkin flower never opened and now the baby pumpkin is shriveling up.
Not a good year for pumpkins in my backyard.  Last year was a miracle and I enjoyed every minute of being a pumpkin mama.
It's still summer!!
Be well!


  1. I hope you can make that a wearable muslin because it's adorable. Sad to hear about your pumpkin! Your black eyed susans are looking good though. That's why I grow flowers and not veggies!

  2. Your tank is so pretty and hope you can tweak

  3. Last picture - I need these.
    Had a flip-flop blow-out at the fair yesterday.

    I had a volunteer Jack-be-little pumpkin grow out of the compost pile with about ten tiny jacks for halloween.


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