Monday, August 12, 2013

B4789: The final post: Hems.

I'm still coming off the high that is MPB Day.... Thanks for your comments--it is really fun to read them!

I promise, this is the final post on B4789.   I wanted to write a bit about the hems.

The pattern calls for narrow hems on the neckline and sleeves.  I don't know who does narrow hems on knits (where you fold twice and stitch it down...) but it's not me.  For the neckline, I folded it over 5/8" and stitched it down.  Not elegant, not traditional, but it worked.

B4789:  Closeups of various hems

B4789:  Closeups of various hems
Hemming the sleeves was really tricky.  Probably using a binding is the way to go. I folded it over but couldn't be consistent about it, as that armhole curve is very sharp.  I decided to just fold it over the distance the fabric wanted to be folded over, and not worry about it.    It's not like anyone is inspecting seams at my armpit. 
Also, I love these sleeves--what are they officially called?  They are actually just an extension of the shoulder seam and not sewn-in sleeves...any idea?

B4789:  Closeups of various hems
The dress was waaaay too long on me as a muslin--it was approaching mid-calf length.

I cut 4" off the pattern pieces before cutting the real deal, and was really careful as I did so---but somehow the front wound up shorter than the back.  I basically pinned the hem while the dress was on my dressform to try to get it to be even all the way around.  It is a little shorter in the front than in the back, but not as significant as it was.

B4789:  Closeups of various hems
I used my stretch twin needle for hemming.  I feel like the stretch twin needle has been getting a bad rap in the sewing community lately and am thinking of writing a post entitled "In Defense of the Stretch Twin Needle".  Anyone interested??  It would also be an update of my 2010 post "Success with Twin Needle Stitching"

Overall I really liked the pattern and was glad to have finally made it.  Kathy's version on Spottedroo was the inspiration for me making it--thanks Kathy!  (I'm ultra impressed with your chevron matching!)

I finished the "More Knits"  class on PR.  Yay!  Here's the project for that class (a mini-tank top to get practice using FOE).  It's adorable and I want to make one me-sized.  Highly recommend both of the knits classes on PR, and will write reviews of both classes before the week is out.
More Knits: the mini-tank
Here is my first female pumpkin flower of the is budding up.  I'm a little worried.  The vines have been producing mad amounts of male flowers, but now that the female flower is gearing up, there are only two male buds left and they look like they are going to open days before the female.   Hmmm...

male flower and female flower
The formatting of the arrows and the text got messed up here, but you get the idea!

Be well!


  1. Woo hoo I'm the first commenter. So glad you got to enjoy MPB day. Someday I hope to go (it would work, still summer vacay (I'm a teacher) but am up in Edmonton, Alberta...) Must think on it and save my pennies!
    Anyway - I've enjoyed your dress posts. It fits you great. I would call those sleeves "cap" sleeves.
    Take care, I love your blog!

  2. Afraid I'm one of the anti twin needle crowd. I just can't get them to look nice. It always seems that the bobbin tension is much too right so they tunnel and then break easily when worn. Wish I knew what I'm doing wrong!

  3. I would really enjoy reading about your stretch twin needle experiences!!! Thanks for your previous post about twin needles, too...

  4. I didn't even know there were male and female flowers?


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