Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween costume help sought favorite dance-based cardio class, BoogieTone, is on Halloween this year.

The instructor says we can wear gym costumes.

I was going to rework this costume I made in 2007 (pictured, as worn in Myrtle Beach for 10/31/07) into something more workout friendly...but I have very limited time AND maybe I can handle this costume for a 50 minute workout if I remove the vinyl boot covers and wear my black sketchers?

Or should I try to come up with a little brown skirt and white tank top with some ruffled lace sewn on, and wear it with the vest?

Pirate on Halloween
Pirate shirt, vest, pants, all Simplicity 3677.    Instead of grommets I made buttonholes on the vest for lacing the black cording.
Self drafted boot covers.
Purchased hat, sword and belt.

I just re-read my pattern review of this costume.  The shirt and pants were gigantically huge and the vest way too small.  And I re-read my frustration of trying to make the jacket, only to throw it out.  Yes, I recall cutting that jacket out on the floor of my living room.  Ah, good times.

Here's a side view; you can see how gigantically huge the shirt is on me....

With the pirate
Anyway, what do you think??
Be well!


  1. Could you wear the shirt and vest over a sports bra along with the hat and a pair of black fitness pant? I would skip with boots (or boot covers) if you cannot move easily them, and just wear regular fitness shoes. If I were to wear so many layers to dance class, I would up sweating through them (is the vest washable?). I'm planning on wearing a skull print fitness top Halloween.

    Have fun! :)

  2. Hi Kyle! That pirate costume is really well done! I think you'd be hot in that though for an exercise class -the sweaty hot, not the good kind of hot ;)
    I just ran a 5K this past weekend in costume that worked out well. I purchased a child's size (on sale of course) fairy costume that came with wings and a dress with poofy tulle skirt. I cut off the bodice and added elastic tot he skirt for a tutu type skirt. I picked the flowers off of the bodice and added them to my own, conveniently pink, tech shirt, added some pink bling from my random button box to the wings and slapped a bun in my hair. Worked perfect and didn't hinder my movements at all! I'll email you a pick so you can see the details. Really only took me an hour or so.
    Have a great Halloween- I always say I hate this holiday and then totally get into it by the time it arrives...

  3. Wear the vest -- tied a little loose -- over your regular outfit. Put on the belt and hat and carry the sword to class, ditch them for actual exercise .. and/or wrap your head in a bandanna under the hat -- it will keep your hair out of your eyes during any gyrating. Wear an eye-patch or pencil one on with eyeliner. Say "Arghh!" a lot during class.

  4. Well - I'm just in awe that you are working out on National Candy Day.

    Love the pirate costume - go cardio-kick your way to a Par-tay.

  5. Love the costume but I think you may faint from heat exhaustion if you work out in it! I like the idea of wearing just the vest with a regular work out outfit and adding some accessories. Have fun!

  6. I don't know about Halloween, but that oversized white shirt is FABULOUS!! I would totally wear that just as it is, for regular day wear. I love it! :)


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