Sunday, October 6, 2013

Is this bag terrible?

I'm at step 32 of 33 steps for this bag and now I think this bag is terrible.
Is it terrible?
Well, I thought it started off in a good place.
interior zipper pocket
I wanted to make an interior zipper pocket. Turns out it's made the same way as a double welt pocket.
interior zipper pocket
It wasn't so bad.
interior zipper pocket

I used the flange of my blind hem foot to sew the straps on.
topstitching the webbing
I was feeling kind of smug. That was a big warning sign.
webbing is topstitched!
I thought it was looking good.
How could I go wrong with all this serious hardware?
hardware and zipper

Well, here's what it looks like now.

Outside, not cinched.  and this is after a bit of futzing to get it to look like it has some semblance of shape.
so step 32

Outside, cinched.
when it's cinched
Interior zipper pocket
the zipper pocket
Interior non-zippered pocket
the pocket
Maybe I need to take the advice of the label.

Side cinch
side cinch
Is it terrible? (btw, the webbing looks navy blue in some pix but it really is black. It's not the same shade of black as the bag, but it's black, not blue).

Hey, pretty zinnias from the Princeton Farmers Market. I love these colors! And warmer temps means more flowers longer, yay!
Princeton farmer's market flowers
And look at my Jack Be Littles....they are tiny!  There are 4 of them total on 2 vines.
the 4 little pumpkins
Be well!


  1. I am so impressed. This is a LOVELY bag. You've done an exceedingly professional job. Good work!

  2. I think it's a great bag. Just put it in the magic closet for a week or so. I'll bet when you take it out, it will look fabulous! You've probably been too close to it to appreciate it just yet. :)

  3. I love it! Actually, this is exactly the sort of bag I've been looking for for fall...I don't think I'm up to your skill level yet, but I'd like to try to make something like it.

  4. Definitely NOT terrible. In fact I think it's kinda fabulous.

  5. I love it, especially cinched. If you hate it you can send it to me. ;-) What is the pattern for this? I could swear i pinned this a couple of months ago. Where did you get your fabric?

  6. yes to magic closet for a week.

    Now, Do you want it too slouchy?
    Or a bit firmer?

    Quick fix for firmness: Get some Peltex or other type firm 1/32" thick from the interfacing section of the fabric store.
    Open up lining inside where you turned it - open a tad more, and push peltex in on one side and then another piece on the other side. Cut it slightly smaller than side bag measurements. Will this work?

    Longer fix is to turn it and unpick the lining from the outer fab fabric (love your fabric choices!). Now interface properly with something to give it some body. Even an old blanket basted on will give it more substance yet retain flexibility.

    And where did you find the outer fabric. Too cool.

  7. Your bag looks great! I have attempted to sew a couple of bags, I thought they would be quick great projects but both ended up as UFO's. I hated them before I get them done. But yours is wonderful. You have inspired me to drag one of them out and try to finish it. Hopefully mine will be as nice as yours.

  8. We must not be looking at the same bag! If you really don't like it, you can store it in my magic closet for a FEW weeks!

  9. I think it looks really well made, but I agree with Kathy. Maybe you would like it more if it was a little stiffer. Your other bags have been a bit more structured. Love the details.

  10. Did you write about that cool outer fabric? Because I LOVE it! If I were making that bag, so personal preference here, I think I would want it stiffer. So I'd tweak it a bit to insert something stiff and lightweight between the layers. And I just love the inner zipped pocket. And the pocket lining fabric -- perfect for a gal on the go LOL!!!

  11. I think this is a great bag! I agree with the other comments re: adding interfacing if you feel you want more structure. I personally like the slouchy look.

  12. Love this bag Kyle!!!! If you don't like it you can send I my way :)


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