Thursday, October 31, 2013

My pirate outfit, redesigned for the gym.

Can I say, what a couple of weeks it has been???  It's been a couple of weeks!!!!

The work project I'm on, which feels like a marathon most days, really really ramped up and I sacrified some sewing time and gym time to work on it.  I met my 10/31 deadline last night, and I felt like my reward was being able to do Halloween at the gym!!!  That meant I had a few hours last night to get my act together with the costume.

Thanks for all your suggestions about how to turn my 2007 pirate outfit into something more workout worthy.  LinB and Kathy's suggestion to just wear the vest over my regular gym outfit and Rose's suggestion to wear the shirt and vest with regular gym pants got me thinking about adding "ties" to my regular gym pants (just basted on strips of black fabric that I can easily remove).  And I took a store bought white t-shirt I've owned for years and sewed on layers and layers of white lace ruffles to it, and one layer of white lace ruffles to each sleeve, using a package of gathered lace I've had in stash for years.

Then I wore it with the vest (Simplicity 3677) I made in 2007, plus store bought hat, hook, sword, belt, and clip-on earrings all of which I had from then too.  I wore them with my black skechers.  So I used everything I already had and didn't have to buy anything.

There were a few pumpkin shirts and orange shirts in class but my instructor Rita--honestly the best gym instructor I have ever had--and I were the only ones to wear a full costume. She was a Ghostbuster--I ain't afraid of no ghost.  One of my classmates took a pic of us and when I get it (and if Rita approves) I'll post it.  Sadly Kathy and LinB, I didn't say "arrgggh" during class at all!

Here are pix my locker room buddy Sara took (Sara is my biggest sewing cheerleader at the gym!  She is so incredibly supportive of everything I make.)

My gym pirate outfit
Here's a closeup of the front of the outfit (keep in mind this was after working out)
My gym pirate outfit
Somehow the layers of ruffles are washed out but they are there covering the front of the shirt up to the top of the vest.
Here are some selfies from the night before, so you can see the ruffles
the ruffles the night before
the ties
The oops shot

the oops shot of the night

One of my classmates said the shirt and vest looked nice enough to wear for real.  :)

I have been so wound up lately that I am waiting to crash. It hasn't happened yet....I felt it starting to happen after lunch today but the gym perked me back up again.

Be well!


  1. Great job of reworking the costume to work for the gym.

  2. Still amazed at working out on chocolate night.

    I dressed up as the Lavender Witch all day at my super sober workplace. Made a few people smile.

  3. Oh my gosh! You look so cool! What a great outcome! I'm glad it worked out.

  4. Hurray! Costume win! And the very best part of all is that you had the best costume there, lol.

    I didn't say "Arrrgh" yesterday, either. But then, I was dressed as Aunt Bea from Mayberry.

  5. I completely understand that wound up feeling, also not getting a lot of sleep or eating well. I'm finishing up the moving tomorrow and I feel once I get there, I'm going to collapse and get sick.


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