Monday, October 21, 2013

Sewaholic Thurlows, Slenderized

Thank you for all your comments about the bag!  I decided to leave it as you last saw it and I sewed up the lining.  Then I read how the plastic canvas will break eventually.  I'll cross that bridge when I get there.  For now I am loving using my bag!  It is the perfect size for work and it makes me smile (especially the lining!)

There were two main modifications I wanted to make to my Sewaholic Thurlows: slenderize the thighs as per Angela Wolf's instructions, plus remove the belt loop I attached to the CB seam, move it over and add another belt loop.

I slenderized while watching the Queer Eye reunion last night.  As per their theme song, all things just keep getting better, but somehow I cut off my face while taking most of these pix (I use a camera with a 10 second timer)....
Sewaholics Thurlows slenderized, pre-work pix

What do you think?  Better?
Sewaholics Thurlows slenderized, pre-work pix
Sewaholics Thurlows slenderized, pre-work pix
Two belt loops at the CB really helps keep the belt in place better.  (The pattern called for two of them at CB but for whatever reason, I just put one.  It needed two for sure).

Sewaholics Thurlows slenderized, pre-work pix
I was worried that slenderizing them would make them too tight for sitting, but I wore them all day and they were comfy.

Here's what they looked like after a day of wearing:
Sewaholic Thurlows Slenderized, post-work pix
I will make these again, specifically in a brown corduroy I picked up at Haberman's.  There are quite a few things I want to make soon....which item will rise to the top of the queue??

Did I look cold in these pix? It was a little chilly this morning for the photo shoot.  and it's why my face is cut off in several.  No time for taking 50 pix to get the 3 good ones, amiright???
The temp for the photo shoot this morning 10/21/13
On the way to work this morning I saw a gorgeous sunrise over Lake Carnegie.  I'm really glad I stopped to snap some pix and take in the moment.
The sunrise over Lake Carnegie 10/21/13
I also took a pic of my sandals by the lake. I was wearing the brown corduroy jacket I made with my corduroy pants. Can you tell I love corduroy?
My feet at the sunrise
In other news, harvested 3 of my 4 jack-be-little pumpkins this weekend.  They are size: adorable.  :)
my 2013 pumpkin trio
And here are some Princeton Farmers Market flowers. I hope the market lasts for another week!
Princeton Farmers Market flowers
Be well!


  1. They look great! definitely needed slenderizing.

  2. Those Thurlows look much better. You look sleeker Kyle.
    You look great in cords.

  3. I didn't realize that your Thurlows needed narrowing. They looked fine to me at the ASE. Did you mention that and I missed it? =) In any event, your pants still look good.

    Thanks for sharing the sunrise. I needed to see that.

  4. They look much, much better. Great job, can't wait to see your next pair.

  5. Your Thurlows now slenderize you! Looks great.

  6. Your jeans look great! so comfy looking and the slim silhouette is a very good look on you. And your bag is completely awesome!

  7. Kyle, you are doing such cool sewing-I love the thurlows, and cannot wait to see them in corduroy (of which I am also a fan).


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