Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pattern Swaps & Vogue 8571

Not too bad!

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post!  I am super excited about this dress.  So much so, that in a very unusual move for me, I worked on Vogue 8571 after work tonight.  I bound the left
armhole with biastape and then cut out the skirt portion and pinned it to my dress form. I will write more about the binding soon.

Yes, the color of my dress and the color of the dress on the pattern envelope are the same.  Now, if I only had Brooke Shields' hair!

I don't know if it's possible to be passionately in love with a dress that is half sewn, but I am with this one.  Suddenly my sewing mojo has returned and there are a bazillion things I want to sew.  YAY!

The skirt is just pinned to Izzy.

Back band is looking less wonky tonight

The origin of this pattern is MPB Day 2013, where there was a pattern swap.  I've participated in a few pattern swaps where my rule is generally "Donate but do not take any patterns, good gawd woman you don't need any more, think of how many you have at home."  Also my philosophy for several years now has generally been "less stuff more experiences" (i.e. spend money on experiences, not things) and more recently, buy no more fabric than what fits in the fabric closet.  Adhering to limits, setting boundaries, and all that.

The first time I broke this rule was for a $20 indie pattern that popped up at PR weekend 2013, the second time was the pattern above and the third time was PR Day 2014 for a pattern that I have seen many many PR members make but have never bought myself.

So do you have rules about pattern swaps?
Give but don't take?
Take but don't give (ha ha)?
Do you set limits on how many you donate and/or take (like, only take as many as you donated)??

Be well!


  1. My only rules:
    I have to support my garage sale habit (etsy store) and
    She Who Dies With The Most Fabric - WINS.

  2. This is so epic. EPIC.

    I've unfortunately never swapped. Poor me.

  3. Your dress is coming along beautifully!

  4. That dress looks amazing.

    My rule is that, if I come home with less than I brought to the swap, I feel virtuous. But, do I really need hard and fast rules for my hobby?

  5. Glad your mojo is back! I try not to take patterns from swaps but don't always stick to the rule.

  6. I like your rules! I need to adopt them. I am putting a halt to stash fabric for a while; only buying what I intend to use for an immediate project. I hope my will power last for several months!

  7. I am glad you are enjoying sewing again!! I have never pattern swapped, either. Also, I have never imposed any rules on myself concerning pattern swapping (or purchasing), only because I tend to lean more towards practicality. Maybe I need a rule to let myself go wild one day, and buy every pattern that strikes my fancy : )

  8. I've never swapped, either. Maybe we should in September at the Expo?

  9. Your dress is going to be beautiful. I've never swapped but I like your rules.

  10. Wow this dress is looking amazing. Honestly sometimes vogue does itself no favours with its pattern covers, I hadn't given this pattern a glance until now, I guess I'm not alone if you picked it up at a swap!


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