Monday, November 23, 2009

Accessories are what separates us from the animals

Pete's back yard:
Pete's back yard

We took the train to Manchester. Here's our hotel room called Abode...
the bed
calendar in the bathroom
funky bathroom floor
the "do not disturb" sign

Pete with his birthday and Christmas gifts. While he knew about the pjs (for Christmas) and I had his watch battery and strap replaced (for his birthday), the BSG DVD was a big surprise, and I got a very cool "That's ace! I was going to buy that!" in return. :)
Pete and his Christmas & birthday gifts

And we went to the hotel restaurant for's one of those celebrity chef restaurants (though I don't know this chef..named Michael Caines (not Caine as in the actor)).

Me with panna cotta (absolutly delicious):
me and my panna cotta (yum!!!)

Pete and the reserved sign...
Reserved...for Pete

Pete and his bread & butter pudding:
Pete and his bread and butter pudding)

And then we went for a walk to the city center to see the Christmas lights:
Pete with funky Christmas tree

Manchester Arndale center (with reflection of the wheel)

the Christmas shoppes

My ankle seems fine now!

The subject line is from a show called "How to Look Good Naked" which is hosted by a guy named Gok.

Tomorrow we're going to the art museum.

It's so nice to visit Manchester and not have to rush to take the train back to Warrington!

More pix are in my "England Fall (Autumn) 2009" Flickr photo album

Good night!

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  1. Love that globular Christmas tree of lights. Very cool. Gok is kind of big-time in Europe and Australia, from what I gather. I subscribe to the Dorothy Perkins e-newsletter and there are many Gok-isms.


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