Sunday, November 1, 2009

Even more Simplicity 2558

I had lunch with my parents. Mom brought cupcakes she made from scratch! YUM!
Cupcakes from Mom!!

I went for a walk again this afternoon (about a 20 degree difference from yesterday). I looked up at one point while doing stretches and thought this looks like a web.
It's like a web

I know it's sophomoric, but this is the pumpkin that I thought was clever:
Even though it's sophmoric, I think it's clever

Birthday card from Debbie; it's all too familiar (and made me laugh out loud):

All too familiar!!!

I've worn my white coat every day since I finished it on Tues night. I realized it needed two things: pockets and a "thing" for hanging it from a hook in my gym locker. The lack of pockets was driving me crazy!!! Tonight I added the pockets, using a pocket pattern from an unrelated New Look pants pattern. First the pockets sort of peeked out from the bottom of the jacket if I shoved my hand in forcefully.

Pocket was peeking out...if I shoved my hand down into the pocket

So I fixed that by sewing the bottom of the pocket to near the bottom of the jacket.
Fixed it !!!

I also added the "thing" (what is it called?) so that I can hang it from a hook, but I didn't take pix of that. And you thought I was done with this jacket, ha ha ha ha ha!!

Getting sleepy...good night!!!

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