Tuesday, November 10, 2009

McCall's 5511, Easy Endless Ooops, in progress

Whole of McCall's 5511, in progress

Pete's Christmas gift is a pair of lemon (heh) pajamas. You may recall I made him sort of capri pants for his birthday because he loved this fabric but I just couldn't find it in any store and I could only find 2 yards online--hence the shortness.

well, this summer I was at JoAnn's and there was a WHOLE bolt of the lemon fabric so I bought 5.5 yards or maybe 6 yards as it's a directional fabric.

McCall's 5511, in progress

Then when Pete was here I showed him some new pj patterns and asked him which one he liked better. The choice was McCall's 5511 with the contrast collar, part of their "Endless Easy Options" pattern line. The pattern I had went up to Medium, so on my next JoAnn's trip, I bought the pattern in the large/x-large size.

Do you see where this is going?

I was able to bypass one obstacle, which was the directional fabric. I cut that out, in the correct direction, without issues on Sunday night.

Tonight I decided to start sewing the pjs. The collar was interesting, I've never quite sewn one like that before. The facing was kind of annoying so I sewed it down and it kind of looks like a bib since you can see through it? I also topstitched the collar and that V-neck. I kind of wished I used flannel for the collar or a more substantial cotton fabric.

Closeup of collar for McCall's 5511, in progress

And then I realized my mistake.

I cut out the medium instead of the large.


I will still finish it (I need to hem sleeves and the bottom of the shirt). Maybe it will still fit. If not, I'll make it again in large or even x-large. JoAnn's seems to have that fabric all the time now.

The usual pj pattern I use for Pete is McCall's 3006 in large. The finished measurement at chest is 52.5 inches for the large (when I make it for myself, I use the small at 45 inches). The finished measurement at chest for tonight's pattern for the medium is 45.5. Sigh.
Oh how fun!  McCall's 5511, in progress


  1. If it does fit him in the chest (let's hope) you can also use contrast bands on the sleeves and bottom to lengthen it that match the collar. Hope it works out.

  2. Yeah, what Lisa said. :) I like the cheery print. If it ends up too small, you can always re-cut it to fit you!


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