Monday, November 16, 2009

Simplicity 3696 red nightgown in progress

Simplicity 3696 in progress. leaning view

I've previously made the bathrobe from Simplicity 3696. But I also wanted to make the shirt/nightgown from the same pattern. I cut it out last week and started sewing it tonight.

Simplicity 3696 in progress, full view

Fabric is this "recycled" organic cotton knit from I think it said it was made of remnants from a cotton fabric, which is why it's kind of slubby. I remember when I washed and dried it, it shrank a lot.

Simplicity 3696 in progress

So I'm thinking of making the sleeves long-sleeved by adding some navy blue contrast cuffy things. I would have cut it out long sleeved but I just didn't have enough fabric (looking back, though, I would probably make just a long sleeved shirt instead of a nightgown). And then I'll hem the nightgown and it's done. Or I might try to fix the gathering to make it more even, but really, I'm going to sleep in this, it's probably good enough.

Simplicity 3696 in progress, side view
So this is my Giftmas gift to myself. A red season-appropriate nightgown.

Cookie update: I'm really glad that I decided to redo the cookies. They were a big hit. I had quite a few of them myself. And I had nice comments like, "Are those Kyle's chocolate chip cookies? Usually they're all gone when I find out they're here." A newbie said, "These are really good." Gotta love extrinsic validation!!

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  1. I like this a lot! Looks so comfy and festive. I'd seen those "recycled" fabrics at Lucy's and wondered. Is it soft???


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