Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pulled rib, again

So I seem to have pulled my rib again. Unlike last time, this time I felt it happen. I was at my desk this afternoon and used my right hand to reach around to scratch my left shoulder and I felt it pull and then came some annoying pain. It's not very bad, at least not yet, and that is why I'm labelling it as "annoying". After waiting a few minutes (and thinking, it doesn't hurt it doesn't hurt it doesn't hurt, then realizing that mantra wasn't going to make it go away) I took Aleeve, got out the ice pack and shoved it into my bra strap.


I had dinner with my friend Janice tonight. Came home and I'm now lying on the ice pack. We'll see how I feel tmw. I already had an appt set up to see Len at 5. I'm hoping I wake up tmw morning and all is well. But I know from experience now, if this is just the start of the bad pain cycle, that after 72 hours it should be much better.

Anyway, after Len tmw I will hit the treadmill and watch NCIS. I just couldn't watch Paula Deen on the Food Network anymore. The closed captioning tried to capture her Southern accent, which was hysterical at times.

My "Strong Knees" DVD arrived today! Can't wait to watch it!!! (and I'm actually not being sarcastic!)

I had some great comments on my jacket over at SPR last night and today. Those ladies are too kind!

Just one more day til the weekend! I plan on sewing some pjs this weekend. Woo!

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  1. I enjoyed your wadders very much. I thought the red dress was much improved by the belt. The star trek dressed looked OK - retro styling does sometimes need a little time "for the eye to adjust." It had potential though...

    You sure do seem to be having a bad run of luck health wise... hope it all heals quickly. Good to see it doesn't interfere with your sewing though ...


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