Sunday, November 8, 2009

Twin peaks against an amazingly blue sky

No sewing this weekend, but I did cut out Pete's pjs for Christmas and a simple shirt for me. My shirt already feels like it's going to be doomed. What do you think? When you buy a long piece of fabric because you love it, and then you make something from it and it's a disaster, are all future garments made from that fabric going to be disasters too?

Realistically, I know the answer is no, but in practice, the answer is yes. Well, for two pieces of fabric it was just a disaster fest. One of those pieces, I think the actual fabric really was to blame. Some fabrics are not meant for garment sewing. But if the fabric is meant for garment sewing and multiple disasters result...hmmm.

What do you think?

The brakes on my car were fixed and my car had a lovely little tune up so overall my car is quite happy now. I went shopping yesterday which I should not have done, as I felt it messed up my weekend somehow.

It was probably 70 degrees or warmer today. Went for a walk. Took pix.

The oops shot:
these shots just happen

Idyllic setting:

Twin peaks against an amazingly blue sky:
hello windows, hello blue sky

I like the shadows here:
across the path

Crunchy and crumpled:
I took a nap today too, so I doubt tonight will be one of those "asleep by 10:30" kind of nights...sigh!

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  1. Oh my, those fall pics are lovely! We are (somehow) getting some yellow in our trees here in humid, rainy, warm Austin. I'm not superstitious about my fabric. Or yours. ;)


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