Saturday, November 14, 2009

McCall's 5511 DONE

I finished up Pete's Christmas shirt, McCall's 5511. I wound up just doing a plain hem and no contrast bands. The pants are his favorite McCall's 3006.
McCall's 5511 top, 3006 pants

Back of McCall's 5511, top, 3006 pants

There was a bit of a sleevecap issue, which I found a bit ridiculous for pajamas:
McCall's 5511, sleeve cap issue

Tonight's oops shot:
tonight's oops shot

Now that I'm more mobile, I'm thinking of changing out the lightbulbs in the bathroom to GE's Reveal line, which is more white and less yellow, with the hopes that it will improve the tinge of my shots.

Gifts get tags!
McCall's 5511, folded up

Pete's birthday and Giftmas presents, all wrapped up:
Pete's birthday and Christmas presents
wow, those green bows look sadder in the picture than in real life.

Tomorrow morning's mission is to bake the chocolate chip cookies for the work Thanksgiving buffet which is on Monday. The plan is to wake up, eat breakfast, and bake first thing instead of waiting for my usual 7pm baking time. Then recycle, go grocery shopping, put the yard stuff away, get out some fake logs for the fireplace, woo! Maybe go to Barnes and Noble to see if they have the Nov issue of UK Vogue. Pete said it's already gone in England. I read on a sewing blog that it's a really good issue. I can always get it on ebay.

I've actually had my first ever "please bring me something from the US" request, from one of Pete's coworkers for his wife. The request is for Burt's Bees Peppermint Lip Balm and Carrot Day Creme. I know the CVS and the Stop and Shop sell Burt's Bees products, so we'll see who has what. Typically I have requests from my friends and coworkers for a variety of things from England: Smarties (they are different from the Smarties sold here, more like plain m&ms), Heat magazine, and TopShop items (though maybe not anymore since there is a TopShop in NYC now). I've had requests for gum, tea, and whiskey too!! It's always a bit of an adventure, esp the TopShop requests. christine gives me a list of items she wants complete with color photos, sizes and budget, and then Pete and I go into the store, like we're on the Amazing Race, and try to find the items. If we get stuck, we ask a sales clerk for help. It's always cool and fun to spend someone else's money.

Good night!!!


  1. The fabric on those PJ's is just great and the gifts look beautifully wrapped, what a treat to get so much homemade love.

  2. "It's always cool and fun to spend someone else's money." -- Yes! Too bad the older I get, the fewer chances to do that! LOL Nice PJ's! Is it A-OK that he will see them on the blog?

  3. The PJ's look great. I laughed out loud at your oops shot. I believe they are now making Reveal bulbs in the compact fluorescent variety (though these might not be appropriate depending on what your fixtures are like).asbr


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