Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm more proud of you than you'll ever know

Tonight I watched PR from last night. I'm fearing that CH might not make it to BP with her stomach bug and all. And, of course, they way they edited it.

But let's start from the beginning. Each season, I LOVE the episode when Tim visits everyone at home and meets family. Others have made the observation that Tim spends more time with CH and gives more meaningful advice to CH than to the other contestants. Maybe it's edited that way, but it just seems to be the way it is.

Loved his outstretched hands and him saying "I love a kitchen" in a way that sort of signified he might not be entirely comfortable with the idea.

Loved Tim wearing a full suit and tie--and apron--to make southern biscuits.

Loved his critique of CH's collection.

Love the mutual respect they have for each other.

Loved their goodbye--in the snow--and how Tim said "I love you" to CH.

Oh, the snow--it really was filmed so long ago.

Oh Tim, I love you too. Come live with me!! Tell me that you are more proud of me than I will ever know!

So right now I'm Team Carol Hannah.

Exactly a year today Pete and I flew to Hawaii. I'm feeling so gosh-darned sentimental about the whole thing! It's kind of funny that it's raining as much right now as it was the night we landed in HNL--kind of like this steady, urgent NJ rain.

Lots to do this weekend. Am planning on knocking it all down. Will finish up Pete's pjs. I think they will fit, he just normally wears really big shirts for sleeping. The pj pants are cut from his favorite pattern and in the correct size so that part will definitely fit. I love lsaspacey's idea of contrast bands on the sleeves. I might do that!! If the shirt doesn't fit, I'll wear it as is, as I too sleep in large shirts.

You know what I loove about having my blog? Being able to say whatever I want and no one telling me that I can't say it!

I went to the gym 3x this week, had no acupuncture and no chiropractic, and somehow I'm still standing and not in too much pain. Woo!

Good night!

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  1. I didn't read this post till now b/c I had not seen the episode yet either. But now I've seen it so I'm caught up on your blog. I also felt that Tim spent more time and more QUALITY time with Carol Hannah than the other two. And I feel that it is to trick us into believing she will win. Given this is Lifetime, I am guessing that CH is the fan favorite. But I bet that Irina wins. ???


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