Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday night in England

Today we got up late, again...I never really was on UK time. Even on Tuesday when we got up at 8:30am, I went back to bed after breakfast and slept til noon. or 11:30. We've been staying up til 1 or 2am.

I leave tomorrow. Continental is showing the plane to be entirely full (even in first class) and I am entertaining the idea, if it's offered, of volunteering to be bumped from the flight just so I can stay an extra day. This is in violation of my boss's "must know 5 biz days in advance of vacation time" rule, but I'm mulling it over.

So today we hung out in Warrington. We hit the local pub for "pub grub". Pete had "bangers and mash" (sausage and mashed potatoes with "mushy" peas):

Bangers and mash for Pete

I had cottage pie. I wanted to have Shepherd's pie but I guess I'll just have to have it at Olives in Princeton.

Cottage pie for me

Here's the front of Pete's house:
Pete's house

Here's the inside of Pete's front door, which has the postcard I mailed yesterday-it arrived already!
My postcard arrived already (we mailed them yesterday)

Pete's front room is all set for Christmas now. I encouraged Pete to set up his tree, and he also put up what they call "fairy lights":
Christmas at Pete's

Pete's house tour isn't over yet! Here's his bathroom:
Pete's bathroom

This is his fridge. It fits under the counter and doesn't really have a freezer:
Pete's fridge

Here's his washing machine. His dryer is called "the great outdoors"
Pete's washing machine

No microwave, no dishwasher. I should note that Pete only has one built in closet in his whole house, and that it just about holds his Christmas tree and vacuum cleaner! His house has the kitchen and bathroom added on to the back as I believe the house was built before indoor plumbing.

So the next post may be from New Jersey, or it may not! Stay tuned!!!

I leave you with a little something from LOL cats:

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  1. Hope you had a good flight home. I'm always sad to see you go, but grateful for the time that we have together - it was so much fun and it's quiet without you! Thanks for all my gifts! Hope to see you again soon! Lots of love, pjbx

  2. I like Pete's shower curtain!


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