Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend PJs

Ooph, here's a quick post about my pajama sewing this weekend. After thinking I wouldn't be able to make Debbie pjs in time for her birthday, low and behold, the extra hour today gave me the time to think that I could actually make them. I wound up making the pjs for her and pj pants for me! Whee!
First, my aqua flannel pants:
They are awfully wide legged...not for slenderizing or anything. Also, the pant legs are the same's just my jaunty angle that makes them look like different lengths.

I love the daisy detail on the hem!

I can't wait to make a matching top. Unfortunately, that won't be happening tonight.

Here are Debbie's pjs for her birthday. The top is a cat flannel and the bottom is a "camel" flannel with a cat flannel casing:
Hat not included.
So that you can see the cat casing and ribbon.
Closeup of the casing and ribbon.
These have already been wrapped and mailed priority mail using the APC at the post office. I think they'll make it to PA by Tuesday!

Of course, the pants have been Sewing Pattern Reviewed.

Thanks Pete for taking pix of me!


  1. I love the daisy detail on the aqua pjs! What fun. Was that something you had to add on, I'm guessing?

  2. Yup, it's daisy trim that I sewed the close up shot, you can see the white stitching lines (one on either side of the daisy). :)


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