Saturday, January 31, 2009


Gettin' the paperwork in order for the K1 visa
Thank you everyone for all of your warm wishes!
And ladies, you are generous! I've had two offers to wear your wedding dresses! wow!

Pete and I have been collecting our documentation all this week. He had to scan phone bills, cards I've sent him, itineraries and boarding passes, then emailed it all to me. I printed all of that plus my own phone bills, itineraries, emails that we've sent each other, and I picked out some of the cards he sent to me. Plus I ordered some pix from a Flickr album Pete put together and will go pick them up at CVS tmw. Photos are part of the documentation too. It took me about 6 hours to get all my documentation together and print all of Pete's docs. I signed the paperwork and will put the whole package in the mail tmw.

This is one of my favorite photos. I sewed us matching aloha wear for our 2006 Hawaii trip.

Royal Kona Luau 2006

I'm going to visit Pete sometime in April or May. In the meantime, we've been surfing for ceremony and beachy reception sites and outfits and favors. It's really exciting!

I've been waiting for my back to heal. It was getting better but then I decided to sleep on my stomach again and now my back is back (heh) to being as bad as last Sunday. Gah! I am so afraid that it's not going to mend...

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