Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday cake, love of corduroy and one sleeve hemmed

A post, in three parts.
Part 1: birthday cake.
Where I work, when it's your birthday, you bring in the celebratory item.
Last night I made 2 refrigerator cakes. They are ugly cakes that taste great because it's made from a pint of heavy whipping cream (with 2 tablespoons of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla) and Famous Chocolate Wafers.
famous chocolate wafers
The wafers soak up the cream while in the fridge and it becomes cake-like. and very, very delicious. I actually made two, but here's the one on the cute cake dish.
refrigerator cake
I sent the email to my coworkers this morning that cake would be at 2:30. One coworker misread it and thought the cake was this morning and that she missed it while at a meeting. After lunch she took a slice from the cake thinking it was leftover. and then when she went to email me to tell me how good it was, she re-read it and realized that cake wasn't for another hour. Oh, how we all laughed!

Part 2: love of corduroy.
Mary Nanna commented on my choice of corduroy for my birthday jacket. I love corduroy, always have, always will, though velveteen is coming in a close second lately.
Just look at all the corduroy I have bought in the last month alone. (some of it is "uncut" corduroy, or without wales. Neat, huh? Well, yes, if you like corduroy.)

corduroy love

Part 3: sleeve hemming.
I spent too much time playing with the collar tonight (which had been fine, with one tiny flaw, which I tried to correct, which has created a larger flaw which I will now overlook, lesson learned, leave well enough alone). So I only hemmed one sleeve; the other is pinned though.
da sleeve

Judging by how long it took me to hem the sleeve by hand, I was thinking of giving the instructions for hemming the hem a try with the machine, as per the instructions. I'm going to try it tmw night. If it works, it will save a lot of time.

Good night!


  1. Oh yes we belong to the same club you and me, it's the "I lurve corduroy" club. I love the richness of its colour and its pile and how comfy it is.

    I don't love how much is sags out though so I'm thinking corduroy trousers may not feature heavily in my future.

    Still, there're plenty more things to lurve in cord, aren't there? Like jackets and coats and skirts.

  2. I love love love corduroy too. Especially cord jackets. I got my first cord jacket when I was in elementary school and I felt so grown up. lol

  3. You'd think your co-worker might have had a second thought when she was taking the *first* piece out of a "leftover" cake? Sounds good though!

  4. Happy Birthday, Kyle! I absolutely adore your cute cake plate.


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