Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last rose of the season; Simplicity 3628 day 4; more cake; more corduroy

A post in 4 parts today:
part 1: The last rose of the season
So I thought the last rose of the season was last week? 2 weeks ago? But here, I present you with the last rose of the season. It had started to bud when it suddenly turned cold, but a warm spell the last few days has made it bloom, hurrah!
now this is the last rose of the season!

Part 2: the birthday jacket.
Tonight I finished the second sleeve hem by hand. I then tackled the jacket hem. I tried the instructions but the hem came out ugly. I used that as my starting point for a hand stitched hem. It's not great and it's starting to feel Becky Home Ecky but it will do for now. I definitely need more practice with jacket hems!
Simplicity 3628 day 4 in progress

Tomorrow night is button and buttonhole time.
The pattern calls for three 3/4 inch buttons. Which do you like better:
3/4" brown:
Simplicity 3628 day 4 in progress
1" mother of pearl:
Simplicity 3628 day 4 in progress
3/4" aqua-ish
Simplicity 3628 day 4 in progress

Then Thurs night will be the running stitches and Friday I'll wear it to work!

Part 3: cake story continued:
Yes, my coworker thought there was a lot of "left over" cake and that I must have baked a lot for there to be two whole cakes leftover in the fridge. We laughed about it again today.

I have learned that Sally's mom calls the cake "ice box" cake and makes it more of a log shape than a square like I did.

Laurie's mom would make it for Lincoln's birthday and called it a Lincoln Log.

Part 4: corduroy
Thanks everyone for sharing your corduroy love (or lurve for one Mary Nanna who is so deeply in love, it's lurve).
I wear cords almost every day in winter except when I want to wear a cord jacket (so I wear velveteen pants those days because a cord jacket and cord pants is just too much corduroy, even for me).
When I bought my new couch I contemplated buying a corduroy couch, but it didn't come in red, just brown, which was a bit too much like the corduroy couch growing up...take a nap and wake up with wale marks on your face! Good times.

Good night!


  1. I DO have a corduroy couch in red and it is so lovely - but upholstery grade cord is different from sewing cord and there are no marks on me!

    Brown buttons. Definitely.

    Well we are beginning our rose reason down here - last night we had to swap over to summer bedding our duvet (comforter) was too hot.

  2. Of your three choices, the brown buttons for sure. Have you tried buttons the same/similar colour as the fabric? Just wondering ...
    Your rose is beautiful.

  3. I, too, am a fan of the brown buttons!

  4. OOo... I like the mother of pearl! :) It's look good so far!

  5. I like the brown. I also got one more rose, the poor shrub must be confused with this crazy weather!
    Happy birthday!!!!


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