Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10 five minute craft

I hit up the Joann's Columbus Day sale today and got a 99 cent Simplicity jacket pattern that I'm pretty excited about--3628. I like how shaped it is. Since I'll have a 3 day weekend next weekend, I'll have some time to work on it then.

Yesterday I cleaned out the living room and den closets, put together shelving, and purged. So there wasn't a lot of time for crafting and sewing.

Here was my 5 minute crafting project. I found the fruit and pinecone picks during the purge and just shoved them into a grapevine wreath--I didn't have to glue them in. I wired up the wreath and put it on the front door.
5 minute wreath
I think I might play with the orientation of some picks. Right now it looks like a 5 minute effort, ha!

I found some flannel scraps. I just love these apples. I made the scrap into a mini-pillowcase for this tiny Ikea pillow I use for my neck:
mini iPillowcase

And I finally put pockets in the Tweety bird bathrobe I made last year, using some scraps for the pockets.

There was a frost warning last night, but my flowers didn't look too too bad this morning, just a little shriveled:
flowers 10/10/10

Princeton Farmer's Market flowers this week:
Princeton Farmer's Market flowers

Possibly my last rose of the year:
last rose of the season?  in a SeaWorld shot glass

And hooray for cupcakes from LaBon, which I picked up on the way to JoAnn's.

Oh! and at Johanna Lu's urging I watched Eleven Minutes, the documentary about Jay McCarroll's first runway show after Project Runway. Highly recommend!


  1. Hey, I got that movie from Netflix last week, too, after Johanna's review! LOL Didn't love it, though. Still love Jay.

  2. We have similar taste (in sewing patterns, anyhow). I love Simplicity's 3628, but have not been daring enough to try a jacket yet. I'm sure yours will be great! I too went to the Joann's sale. I love a good deal on patterns!

  3. Sounds like a productive day! Those quickies are cute!


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