Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fabric scraps and meditation

So my coworker has a daughter in a Daisy troop (a pre-Brownie/Girl Scout troop, who knew?) and they're doing a sustainability project, and she wanted to know if I have any fabric scraps I could give her, and she needs them this week because the project is due soon.

Do I have any fabric scraps??

So last night I filled one of those big blue Ikea bags with scraps. It was cathartic AND for a good cause and now I have more room in the fabric closet. Excellent.

I would have a picture of the bag o' scraps except this morning I couldn't find my camera. I can see my camera now, but I have already handed the bag off to her.

I went to my first meditation class tonight. I've done guided imagery CDs this summer but never a class. It was really difficult, and I think it's a good challenge for me. During part of the class I realized my back pain went away because I was concentrating so hard on the breathing exercises. But it came back. I also felt sad, and then at the end of class she said we might even cry, that it brings up emotions that are buried deep inside. Then she wanted to know how we felt. So I said yes, I felt sad. Someone said they felt cold. Another said she felt bored and impatient! The instructor said it may be an indication of how she feels in her life as a whole. Interesting.

Good night!

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  1. What a win-win with the fabric scraps! I need to find a Brownie troop near me to unload the scraps, which are getting way out of hand. So interesting, your experience in meditation class. We have a meditation studio near us and I've thought about going...


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