Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cookies ahoy!! Update on "Can this shirt be saved?"

Thanks everyone for your suggestions on "Can this shirt be saved?"!! Tomorrow is the big lunch dash through Joann's. Will the fabric be there? Will the Vogue patterns I want be there? How about those Buttericks? So many questions!

What if they don't have the fabric? Mushywear is right, the fabric is really buttery soft and feels kind of luxurious, and the bow is a bit big for short sleeves. I like Debbie's solution, where I cut the front piece again from the small bit of fabric I have left, but instead of leaving it short sleeved, I sew on the remainder of the sleeve from the "bad" piece. Then to match it on the other side, I cut that whole front piece into two pieces and sew that seam. Then it will look like the shirt has shoulder seams.

Here I've marked in chalk where the "armhole" would be (this is on the "good" arm):
demo on the sleeve that's ok.

Here's that front piece (the bow is part of the front piece). To the right of the "5" I drew a line in sharpie marker, where I would create the "armhole".
that front piece

So I'm feeling much more hopeful about this shirt than I did on Saturday night! Thank you Debbie for the suggestion!

I did make something on Sunday, but it was of the edible sort: Toll House cookies with walnuts from scratch:
cookies ahoy

Most of them were for the Thanksgiving buffet at work, but a bunch were for my testers (this was taken while looking into the bag holding the containers for my testers).
cookies for testing

I'm kind of excited for tomorrow. I have some good things to work on for work that I'm excited to tackle, I have the dash to Joann's, and I have acupuncture tomorrow night.

Mushywear mentioned a Thanksgiving weekend PJ sewalong at Ann's Gorgeous Things blog. I'm game; are you??

Oh, and for a while I was finding like 5 stink bugs a week in my house. I used to get annoyed at them and then I decided to change my attitude and deem them to be "good luck". Then it got colder and I thought I was done. Then this morning I pick up my bag to head out to work and put my hand right on a stink bug! Good luck! and actually today did go really really well. Oh,and I have a new "catch and release" policy with the bugs. Well, most of them. I still squash centipedes but I've only had one in 6 months!

Good night!


  1. Hi Kyle, I hope all your hopes for the fabric store pan out! I'm glad you enjoy the Hawaiiana that I post. You were right. It is called the Maui Ocean Center. I love that you showed me the blog where you spied "my" fabric. I haven't forgotten about it. I've still been mulling it over. But Carolyn over at Handmade by Carolyn just posted a cool dress over a dress, from a magazine, that might just work for it. I'm feeling a bit more inspired about it now.

  2. So glad you could save your shirt.
    We have a "catch and release" policy in our household but stink bugs are excluded. They are an invading species from China that are causing problems with crops, so we show no mercy.

  3. How cool! Thanks for sharing the tip!


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