Saturday, November 13, 2010

The not-so-dramatic conclustion of the Mondo shirt

I actually finished this up on Monday night! I interfaced the neckline and folded it over and sewed it down. I think it looks fine. I was out of fabric to do a binding. I swore I cut a piece for binding and then never found it (figment of my imagination?). Then I twin needle stitched the hem. (this is a Burda cowlneck from Oct 2005; I left off the cowlneck and added the vertical cuffs Mondo style)

Here I am on Tuesday morning getting ready to go to work. This was around 7:30am and the light was streaming in. I'm not a photographer but I was thinking "this light is great!". It also makes me look like I have a magical hip.
the Mondo shirt, done

Here I'm showing how the stripes mostly match down the side. Now I look like I have a magical derriere too.
the Mondo shirt, done

Here's a view of the sleeve, and my magical stomach.
the Mondo shirt, done

Here's the neckline. I kind of wish I had twin needle stitched the neckline but sometimes it's good to know when to leave well enough alone, right?
DSC0the Mondo shirt, done5877

Here I'm trying to show how the stripes sort of line up for the armhole
the Mondo shirt, done

And here's my twin needled hem. I ironed on knit interfacing to keep it from getting that "wavy" look as I learned at Kathy Ruddy's class at the ASE.
the Mondo shirt, done

This fabric was from and is officially called "Michael Miller Interlock Knit Clown Stripe Dalmation" (see, Mary Nanna, clown was in the name of the fabric!). I'm not associated with but I put the link in there if you're interested. It is incredibly soft and would be wonderful for sleepwear too. The fabric is a nice midweight and you can't see through the white stripes. It comes in a lot of different colors, and also in polka dots. If you're going to buy it, buy at least 25% more than you need. The site says this shrinks by 10% but I think it shrunk by about 25%.

My coworkers mostly liked the shirt, though one said it was difficult to look at me with all the stripes.

Gwen from All My Seams reminded me in the comments that she also made a striped shirt with funky binding, which I remember but can't seem to find on her blog now. However, in searching for it I found this amazing Santa bag she made last year. I may have to make myself one of these this season!! It is full of detail and I love how she made feet out of buttons. Go click on the link, I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!

I was disappointed, though, with David Sedaris's latest book, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk. While the stories start off fine, soon it wades into gruesome and heartbreaking territory and I found myself wondering, WHY am I reading this? Well, because it's David Sedaris and I enjoyed his other books. At the 2/3 point I was going to abandon ship, so I read some reviews on Amazon, which suggested that the later stories get better, so I continued on and was mostly ok with the remainder.

I'm starting in on Vogue 8534 view C. This one has clown potential too since there is something resembling a bow involved. I have to bake cookies tomorrow to bring to the Thanksgiving potluck at work on Monday. I need to do some chores too. and order a dressform! I think I'm going with the Fabulous Fit 3/4 form, since it comes with pads and you pad it out to look like your fabulous self.

Good night!


  1. Your top looks great!

  2. Looks great - so amused it was called clown fabric. How lucky to have it in polka dots too, very jealous of that opportunity, couldn't source anything like that here.

    So now that it's officially clown fabric, are you going to accesorise it with oversized shoes and a plastic red nose? Just wondering.

  3. Fantastic job on stripe matching!! It looks great!

  4. Your top looks great! Wonderful stripe matching! And that's good to know about the D. Sedaris' book. I saw him interviewed recently on The Daily Show, talking about the book, and was thinking about getting it.


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