Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh Charcoal Ponte Roma Knit Obsession

Joann's had the patterns I wanted, yeah!
I'm especially excited about the one in the lower right corner. The drawing is very blah, but I love what christas did with it! I believe that will be the pattern to be sewn for this weekend. I probably won't sew that underbust seam, just cut it as one continuous piece of fabric!

I haven't sewn many Vogues and was surprised that the finished garment bust measurements weren't on the envelope! Simplicity almost always has that measurement on the envelope, so I know the proper size to get (in knits, I'm anywhere from a 10 to a 16 depending on garment ease, and most pattern envelopes stop around a 12 and start at a 14...see what I'm talking about?) Anyway, I always had this idea that Vogue was "better" or more "upscale" than Simplicity but really, to make me pull the pattern out of the envelope at the store to see if maybe I could see the finished bust measurements printed on the pattern without unfolding the pattern? Seems like they could do better. I am excited for new patterns, though!

As for the Can This Shirt Be Saved fabric...they didn't have it. But I now know the fabric is "ponte roma" that's a poly/rayon/lycra blend, and it *is* part of their Sew Classic line. I was actually able to find the receipt (dated 12/30/09!!) that says it's "Charcoal ponte roma 400074017483". On the joann's web site I found this which is 7401748. I don't know how important that last "3" is...but when it goes on sale I might order some of it, enough to recut the sleeve, and to remake the entire shirt in case the color doesn't match (and if it does match, to make a different shirt!). There's also another Joann's I could try, my favorite one where I pick up cupcakes on the way there, but it just feels so far away! (Thanks extended to my friend Debbie for pointing out a few months ago that the JoAnn's receipt has the SKU number on it...)

There is a little miracle going on with my orchids. We have moved back to our original floor at work and my orchids are so much happier being back on this floor! One sprouted a new spike and is continuing on with old spikes, and the other is adding on to its existing spike.

So here's one of them on Oct 29, the spike on the left is brand new and sprouted since moving back on Sept 16. You can see a little new growth to the existing spike on the right.
On Oct 29, 2010

and here's what it looked like today:
On Nov 18, 2010

Here's the other on Oct 29. Earlier on in Oct, my coworker told me a tip his mother has for orchids like this. The existing spike was half dead, half alive. The tip is to cut the spike just above the first nodule that's still green, but is under the next nodule that is dead. Seems like it worked, it just sort of added a spike near the cut.
On Oct 29, 2010
And here's what it looks like today:
On Nov 18, 2010

The third orchid is getting a new leaf and is just hanging out.

Good night!


  1. Yay.. you glad you were successful with your patterns. Hopefully, that's the right color on the website and love your orchids! I currently have a dendrobium that has fresh blooms... orchids are so pretty!

  2. Kyle, you can get the phone number for the other store from JAF 877-465-6266 or from the JAF website. You have the sku (the last digit from the UPC is the check digit, and it isn't terribly important) - you can call them and have them do a sku check to see if they have any in stock. If it's not on sale, use a coupon. If you get the flyers, you should have a 40% off coupon, and if you got the "special holiday" flyer, there was a 50% off coupon with it. And if nothing else, go and buy the JAF magazine (Fabric Fusion or something like that). There are a ton of coupons on the back, including two 50s, that you can use on non-sale items. You can always do a phone sale with a credit/debit card, and you can use your coupons in the transaction, too. It would probably cost about $8 to ship it to your home or office (FedEx Ground, I think). If I missed a detail, lmk. I still haven't eaten breakfast. vbg

    Disclaimer: I've worked in a JAF traditional (small) b&m store for nine years.


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