Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vogue 8634: A fast cowl shirt!

Vogue 8634 (purple in progress)
Me with my sewing buddy Emma. At this point I hadn't hemmed it yet; I tucked it up to figure out the length I wanted.

Vogue 8634 was easy. It's a raglan sleeved cowl neck. So no sleeves to set in, no neckline to bind. If you're feeling defeated or deflated with your current sewing project, take this one out for a spin. I sewed it in about 2.5 hours; I'm sure it can be sewn in two or less (be sure to sew on the cowlneck as per the instructions. I sewed it on like my Burda cowlneck and let's just say, it doesn't work that way).

Vogue 8634 done

I started out with view C but hated the length. So I cut 5 and 1/4 inches off the bottom to essentially make view B, but an inch or so longer. I cut an inch off the sleeves.

The fabric is a purple interlock knit from Joann's, the cotton/poly kind.

I twin needle stitched the sleeve and shirt hem. I also twin needle edgestitched at the cowl at the neckline as shown below.
Vogue 8634 done

Here's the cowl on Emma:

Vogue 8634 done

I sewed a 3/8 seam in the arms. The only thing I don't really like is how much the sleeve is wrinkling at my forearms. Hrm. I didn't need a large bicep adjustment but do I need a large forearm adjustment? Jeesh.
Vogue 8634 done

There's really not much more to say about this top. Go make one today!

ETA: I forgot to mention, I removed the front seam under the bust by taping the top and bottom front pieces together at 5/8.

The next shirt I'm going to make is Vogue 8151, view B. I was looking at reviews and Elle made the Mondo top from 8151! She made it gray/black for herself and black/white for her daughter from the same fabric I bought. Fun!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions about the Vogue bow top, and especially jillnjosh for all the useful Joann's tips. I'll keep you posted.

Good night!


  1. I really love the purple color and the shape of the cowl collar is nice too!

  2. Lovely top! I love the color and the cowl collar:)

  3. That's a great top! The cowl sits really nicely. Love the purple colour too.

  4. Great top... style, color, and everything!

  5. I just finished a top made out of the same color/type of interlock from Joann's!

    I actually don't think it a sleeve issue per se. If you look at the pic with your arm raised see how it sort of wings out? That's making the raglan seam too long through your underarm which restricts your arm movement. On the body start about 5" below the raglan seam and take out some of the flare out(looks like you need about 1/2"right at the underarm seam)to about 5" into the sleeve. That will raise the armscye and improve your arm movement. I worked really hard on the fit of my TNT raglan and that's one of the things I had to do.

    And yes the alteration seems conterintuitive, taking the sleeve in when it feels tight, but believe me it will work!

  6. I love a good cowl! I'll check out this pattern.

  7. Great top, and wonderful colour choice. I like the twin needle stitching under the cowl, it adds a nice professional touch


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