Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sewalong PJ top done! Plus more Christmas stuff

Stop in the name of love:  Thanksgiving weekend 2010 PJ sewalong shirt done!

Yea, I'm done with the shirt for Ann's sewalong! Currently I'm the only person modeling her pjs in the Thanksgiving Weekend 2010 Pajama Sewalong Flickr pool, though some pinned theirs to their dress forms. Did I miss a rule somewhere?

The top is McCall's 3006, a well-loved, oft-sewn pattern. I like to wear layers under my pj tops so I don't mind that it's such a roomy, big shirt. I lengthened it a little this time to be like a tunic and added side slits. In case you missed it, here's a closeup of the sweatshirt fabric:
close up of the fabric--it's Juicy Couture fabric I bought from before they stopped selling fabrics

Sewing time was only an hour and a half. I twin needle stitched the sleeve and shirt hems.

I made the PJ pants out of another pattern this past spring. So now I have a matched set, though I probably won't ever wear them together after the photo shoot!

So yesterday I showed you my tree and lights.
Today, here's my duck; she's wearing her holiday best:

I thought about making her new PJs and posting them in the sewalong, but I don't think it's going to happen with 24 hours remaining....(and yes I actually own a pattern for duck pjs and have made them previously...)

Here's the mantle:

the mantel all ready for Christmas

Mushywear, you get to see some of my Hawaiianna! The framed fabric is from a craft shop in Lahaina, the Mele Kalikimaka stocking is from a souvenir shop in Lahaina, the two wooden puzzle boxes are from the International Market Place in Waikiki, the gardenia is from a craft fair by the Honolulu Zoo, the Santa hat-wearing Turtle is from Long's in Kehei, and the wooden postcards are from a gift shop in Kauai. The Aloha postcard is one Antoinette sent me!

Ok, I'll continue the tour of my other Christmas goodies during the week.

Oh, but here's the story with my solar lights. I've always wanted to put lights outside but never had an outdoor electrical outlet. Last year I found these solar panel lights at They charge on their own and turn themselves on when it gets dark and off when they run out of power (on rainy days, they're out by 7pm but on bright clear sunny days, they are still going strong even at 9 or 10pm). Then the next day they charge back up again! No timers, no electricity, no plugs. Just the solar panels. Each tree has one string of 50 and 4 strings of 25:
solar Christmas light panels
I took a walk around 4:10 and when I came back it was around 4:55, starting to get dark out. As I approached my house the strings of lights came on one by one! It was like a little ballet. Some strings came on, went out, came back on again, and I just watched for a while until they were all continuously on! Very cool.

Good night!


  1. Your top looks so comfy. I enjoyed seeing your Hawaiian decor and your glimpses at Christmas. Your house is more Hawaiian than mine! I still haven't really decorated much since moving in March. I've done a lot of painting though!

  2. Cute jammies! I don't know of any rule about wearing them :). I have to make the top to mine before I can think about doing any modeling.

  3. I think your PJs look good, and oh so comfy!

  4. Awww, the postcard I sent you from HI! We were just talking about solar lights. I'll have to check them out on, 'cos it sounded like the local one didn't have any in stock...


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