Friday, August 8, 2014

V8571, still not done....

You're probably thinking, it doesn't look any different from last time...but it is different!!

I worked on the dress for hours tonight and it's still not done.

I was really struggling with the gathers, then with the fit.    And then I somehow forgot the setting on my serger to make nice side seams so the side seam was stretched out and puckered and  terrible and I had to unpick the whole seam. Always write down the serger settings!!!

The armholes are now bound; the facing is sewn to the neckband but the understitching looks terrible so after working almost non-stop on this dress tonight from 5:05 til 9:45pm I decided to stop there.  I can't unpick the understitching and re-understitch and hand sew the facing to the neckband inside and figure out the serger settings for a nice side seam serge and cut the bottom appropriately and then blind hem it all by 8:50am tmw.

I'll wear my favorite Vogue 1351  instead to MPB Day.

See you there, maybe??

p.s. god-cat says hello!


  1. I love your Vogue 1351. I envy everyone going to MPB day! It's a long haul from Australia but I'm determined to make it one of these years, so long live MPB day.

  2. Have a wonderful time at MPB. Tell Peter I said hi!

  3. Sorry it didn't come together in time for MPB day (I know that feeling), but it will look great once you finish it! Vogue 1351 is a nice choice! Have a great time!

  4. You have way more patience than I do.


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